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¡Hola! Introduction

  • 27 June 2020
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My name is Erika Martínez and I am from central México, but live in Mexicali. I am interested in personal development because, who isn’t? We are all immerse in a world of products and evidences, but what about life? Thus, I consider it necessary to find balance. Right now I am taking one in Spanish (Oratoria) to deliver good speeches; and one in English: Academic writing. Both courses are going to help me since I do research that must be published and presented in conferences. 

I am interested in topics related to teaching in general, language teaching, language acquisition phenomena and bilingualism.

2 replies

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Hi, I myself took a course on academic writing, but I took it in Swedish so that I also learn a new language along the path. I’m a languages addict.

There is a nice course on pure linguistic, in case you could not find it :
Towards language universals through lexical semantics: introduction to lexical and semantic typology| Coursera

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Hola Erika,

Que haces?


I am learning spanish and it’s good to get a bit of practice. I am new to it and don’t know very much yet.