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Hi Everyone

  • 12 June 2020
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Hello Folks,

Thanks @Laura for inviting. You are doing an amazing job.

This is my introductory post here.

Jain Vibhor is a taciturn who could be seen with his kindle most of the time, and his ability to take out time to read every day, has turned him into a reading critic.

He is a believer of literature and strongly feels that ‘some’ books have an ability to change an individual life not merely by inspiring, but also by showing the correct path and answering the unanswered questions, pointing to the unsolved mysteries of the world. For him, his life changing novel is “The count of Monte Cristo” by the notorious French author Alexandre Dumas Pere.

Jain also advocates classic novels to be the real time machines. He believes that they are the original fourth dimension in space which can transport the reader to as back as 16th century in just a flip of page. They are also the best medium to understand the culture, wander freely in any latitude across the world.

Jain is a management graduate and is looking to make his career in relative field. He enjoys watching documentary, biography, sci-fi comedy and sports drama movies and highly rated and recommended tv shows.

To sum up, Jain is a management professional by mind and literature enthusiast by heart.


I would love to have you guys on my blog and would appreciate any feedback. You can visit me here:


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