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Good evening

  • 13 June 2020
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Hi! I didn’t know until I got the email about this forum that Coursera had communities. I’m wondering - are they new?

Anyway, I’m Cynthia, usually called Cyn. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S. with my partner Rick and our four cats. I work as a technical specialist for a small B2B2C SaaS company in the travel industry. When I’m not working, studying, or hanging out with Rick or my family I can usually be found doing needlework, making music, reading (mostly science fiction/fantasy and a variety of non-fiction), volunteering, or playing tabletop RPGs.

Learning is a passion for me, something I’m always doing. I am currently taking Love as a Force for Social Justice and Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life: Living for What Matters Most here on Coursera. I have been dabbling in French at Babbel and using FreeCodeCamp’s curriculum to study JavaScript.

Why am I interested in personal development? Who wouldn’t be? I have to live with me, forever. That gives me motivation to be the best me I possibly can.

I’m particularly interested in positive psychology. I believe in treating everyone I encounter with love. I have been acting that out since 2014 when I read Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson’s Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become.  

I’m able to help with many technical questions regarding Macs, iPhones, and iPads. I used to be a senior technical advisor at Apple supporting them.

My main web site is and I spend too much time on Facebook but am trying to wean myself off of it.

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Welcome, Technomon.  I have found this community to be full of questions--some that I can participate in, some that are outside my range.  I hope you find it interesting and fulfilling.