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Asset to Capstone

  • 19 June 2020
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I have completed 4 /5 courses and have certificates for the courses.  Creativity writing specialization.  Capstone is the 5th course.  I am unable to enroll for the capstone.  The course starts July 6th.  The message given is that I have not completed the required courses for the capstone.  

2 replies

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Hi @Lonnie8456 . Please try going over here to find help for your problem. These forums aren’t monitored by Coursera staff. Your fellow students (like me) cannot help you.

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Hello Lonnie8456,

The reason why you’re getting that message could be, because there are prerequisites or other courses you need to complete before you can sign up for Capstone. Navigating through the Capstone course page will/should provide you with the courses you need to take before you can enroll in Capstone.