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Your Brain Treats Hunger for Knowledge Like Hunger for Food

  • 11 January 2019
  • 2 replies

Researchers from the UK and Japan find an amazing similarity between hunger for knowledge and hunger for food in the brain (

2 replies

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Very interesting, @Lochcarron! So much I love about this article, like:
  • "...curiosity and hunger were both powerful enough to make people willingly risk discomfort." This makes sense to me. I'm introverted, value solitude, and appreciate quiet, but I frequently push these things aside (risk discomfort) in order to seek out new experiences and connect with new people. It's because I also value the excitement that comes with learning (aka curiosity).
  • perceptual curiosity vs. epistemic curiosity – I wasn't familiar with this distinction and naturally find it fascinating! I did an online search to learn more and came across this interview: The ‘Why’ Behind Asking Why: The Science of Curiosity
And now I know there's a website called Good for satisfying hunger for knowledge, bad for productivity. 😉
Good interview with Livio!
I subscribe to the Curiosity emails, interesting things every day 🙂


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