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Your Brain Treats Hunger for Knowledge Like Hunger for Food

Researchers from the UK and Japan find an amazing similarity between hunger for knowledge and hunger for food in the brain (

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Very interesting, @Lochcarron! So much I love about this article, like:
  • "...curiosity and hunger were both powerful enough to make people willingly risk discomfort." This makes sense to me. I'm introverted, value solitude, and appreciate quiet, but I frequently push these things aside (risk discomfort) in order to seek out new experiences and connect with new people. It's because I also value the excitement that comes with learning (aka curiosity).
  • perceptual curiosity vs. epistemic curiosity – I wasn't familiar with this distinction and naturally find it fascinating! I did an online search to learn more and came across this interview: The ‘Why’ Behind Asking Why: The Science of Curiosity
And now I know there's a website called Good for satisfying hunger for knowledge, bad for productivity. 😉
Good interview with Livio!
I subscribe to the Curiosity emails, interesting things every day 🙂


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