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World Without Technology

  • 7 February 2019
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What comes to your mind first, anytime you think about living on planet earth without Technology.
Just Relax and Imagine

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@nash_tgc , what a good idea for a topic! Being an older person, I can remember life without much technology. Children played games with one another that they often made up themsleves, people discussed things face to face without any cell phones. At night, we didn’t watch television, we played musical instruments, sang together, played cards, had many wonderful discussions that lasted into the night. We read books, wrote letters to friends, created art projects, took many walks.
It is important to remember life without technology. Some people have no tech days so they can learn to be mroe creative and rely on themsleves.
Yesterday was “Global School Play Day” .The schools that participated engaged in unstructured play, aiming for students to spend the day without electronics. Due to so many electronics, children today don’t have enough unstructured play. This is how children learn they are in control of their own lives and not to rely on technology. I think this is so important.