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Which podcasts do you like?

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Are you a fan of podcasts? If so, which ones do you like?

My favorite podcast is BBC's Outlook – "True stories of ordinary people and the extraordinary events that have shaped their lives."

I love hearing from people around the world who have overcome very difficult challenges. These stories remind me of the good that humanity is capable of – they're stories of resilience, determination, forgiveness, and courage. I also feel more connected as a global citizen as Outlook speaks to people in countries throughout the world. Most episodes are fairly short, around 12 to 25 minutes. I usually listen to/from work.

I'd love to know which podcasts have influenced you and which you recommend – whether it's for entertainment, learning, news, or something else.

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I love podcasts - I listen to them any time I am in the car!!

I just started The Big One from KPCC - the local NPR station in LA. It's a very sobering and fascinating look at what could happen when a big earthquake hits LA (or any part of California). I'm totally hooked on it. It's super informative, especially since I grew up in an area that is not at all earthquake prone so I don't know much about them!

I also really enjoy Call Your Girlfriend - it's a smart and funny conversation each week between two good friends. They cover politics and books and popular culture and health and their careers - it's always a really interesting and relatable listen.

Finally, I just adore Radiolab. They are a really well established show from WNYC, and they are just great at finding and putting together amazing narratives about science topics (broadly). They have an incredible mini series about human reproduction, how a few specific choices on the southern border over time have led to a lot of deaths in the Sonoran desert, and on an amazing story about an NHL All Star game. It's always such an engaging listen.

I'd love to hear recommendations from others, I am always looking for more great shows to get into!
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Anybody interested in the future of higher education and how educational technology and strategy can help colleges adapt should listen to the Future U podcast. The hosts are Michael Horn (Clayton Christensen Institute, Entangled Solutions) and Jeff Selingo (Chronicle of Higher Education, Academy for Innovative Higher Education Leadership). Each episode features a short interview with a leader in the academy or ed tech, followed by a brief reflection by the hosts. Always informative, timely, interesting!
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Brain Science podcast - it’s fantastic!
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On health-related topics, Wellness Mama has a lot of interesting podcasts on her website. I don't listen to many, but the ones that I have listened to have been really good. She talks about different therapies and basically just being healthy.


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