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Which courses have helped you in your daily life?

  • 22 May 2021
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Are there courses designed for everyday life? For domestic tasks that can be solved with specified personal knowledge? 
The platform could be closer to the people and in their day to day life, helping in simple questions like cooking, writing a resume and so on... 

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I think the new Guided Project Network somehow tries to answer this gap; however as far as I know, there is a lot of courses on basic skills such as 

- How to write Business emails 
- How to write a CV 
- Tinkering 
- Learning how to Learn 

Mainly, you see that, along with Master tracks, most of courses here begin as "Introduction to..." which means that this learning environment is targeted to a sociological-technical-scientific set of basic skills.

For example I'm following a course on ADHD which is aimed at parents who deal with Hyperactive children in their everyday life. 

It's a bit harder to find a course such as How to Manage Your Furniture, or How to Paint Walls, but it could always be -- actually anyone could offer a course, provided it matches certain requisites-- let's suggest Coursera to open a DIY section! 

As for me, the best way Coursera could help me with pragmatic skills is having offered me such a wealth of courses that I had to develop my own system to manage my devastating curiosity/anxiety and someway put my feet on the ground.