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What Positive Changes Would You Like to See in 2019?

  • 31 December 2018
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The new year will be here shortly. People reflect upon their lives at this time and think about creating a better future. Rather than make this about our personal selves, let’s think of positive ways we can make a difference to our world, whether it be for our immediate community or the world.
What can you do to make a positive difference in 2019?
And to everyone: Happy New Year!

7 replies

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Most of the time, when I reflect on my life, I'm thinking about how I can create positive change in the world. This is due to my personal worldview and belief that people, animals, and the environment are interconnected.

Over the years I have learned (and continue to learn) that a lot of the things I wish were different can't be changed overnight and can't be changed by me alone. I've had to practice focussing on the seemingly 'smaller' things that are in my control.

In the coming year, I hope to make wise use of the resources I have (such as time, knowledge, and social support) in order to improve the well-being and welfare of others. For example, I'm helping a friend in Pakistan set up an animal welfare organization in her city. In 2019, I would love to see this organization reach some of its first milestones: registering as an official organization, setting up an office, creating partnerships with community members, and spaying/neutering/vaccinating stray dogs.
@Laura , you are such a beautiful person. I also believe we are all connected and need to think more in these terms than about ourselves at times.
Small changes and effects become larger ones if others do them as well. Our actions have consequences. That dog you might have saved might save a person's life one day by becoming a close companion.

I hope people reflect upon what they can do to effect positive changes. When I first thought of this thread, I thought of how I could reduce my use of plastics. Our earth is being overrun by these which never break up and have been harming sea and land life. I recently read that now our recyclables are being rejected and no one knows what to do with them. So what could I do to use less plastic? Whenever I buy fruits and veggies I always put them in those disposable( ?) plastic bags so they stay clean. I could wash them well at home or bring an extra cloth bag for them. I won't ever use those bags again.

I enjoy seeing people smile and making them feel happy as a result of the music I share with others. I will organize and create more benefit concerts in this next year.

And here at Coursera, we have the opportunity to help others and gain understanding of our challenges, which will help make our world a better place.

I would like to hear from others. What will you do to help effect positive change in our world? It doesn't need to be something big, just a small act of kindness somewhere will be wonderful. Please share your thoughts with us. Thanks. Happy 2019!
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@Judith and @Laura
You both have such great spirits in regards to making the world better and I am inspired by you 2:)

What I already do to make our planet a better place to live on, is collecting at least 1 piece of thrash from nature every day and throw it into garbage cans, recycling as much as posible at home, donating as much as posible to 2. hand stores here, which people can buy very cheap (clothes/electronics/books and so on) smiling whenever I can to strangers, listening to people who needs someone that can listen, offering to help with practical things to people that need it and taking care of myself so that I am constantly growing as a human being and becoming a better person and partner every day.
So I want to focus more on all these things in 2019 and if new oppertunities show themselves, I will gladly embrace them also:)

@Lifecoach.phoenix , those are wonderful ways to make our earth better. To listen to others, to smile at people you meet are such important things, yet sadly, we often forget to do this. I am so glad you reminded us.

I just read how we should all give up using straws. When I was younger there only were paper straws, but now, all straws seem to be made of plastic. People use them and toss them and they just accumulate and accumulate. The simple act of giving up our use of straws can go a long way to saving our planet.

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When I lived in Thailand, it was hard not to despair at the overwhelming amount of pollution – particularly plastic. When I went to the beach, I collected the trash I found and used the plastic to make art displays. Here are some of my photos: Phuket Plastic.

Thank you for your kind words, @Lifecoach.phoenix. I appreciate your thoughtful approach to living!

@Laura , what an excellent way to call attention to the plastic problem we have created.
40 years ago, with one of my first students, we had create a giant “garbage person” created from what we thought were excessive materials used on things. Our goal had been to call attention to all the extra wasted materials used. Fast food was packed in cardboard and papers, cups and spoons and all sorts of wrappings.....but fast forward to today.... the materials used today aren’t biodegradable the way they used to be and we are leaving more and more behind.
I recently read about someone determined to go plastic-free. Think about what a challenge that would be!
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Smiling is just such an universal language and it transcends borders across nationalities😁
Years ago, when I was feeling very depressed, a neighbor told me to act whenever I began to think too much and also to smile to the postman/woman.
I feared that I wouldn't get smile back and feel rejected but I got smiles returned and it set a large recovery process into action inside me.
Here in Denmark, there is happening alot recently in regards to finding alternatives to plastic and bamboo is being used to quite a many things including straws also.
I think it is amazing what people can invent and I think it is also important to remember to respect nature in so far as not to overuse bamboo as people have used plastic in so many things.
Balance in general is a good thing.

It is so good that you collected the plastic in Thailand and it would be for their own good and the rest of the world if Thailand started taking more responsibility in not flooding their beaches with plastic. The governments has a responsibility to lead their countries towards a better environment policy and inspiring other nations also at the same time.
Your collection of plastic art is, despite it not belonging on the beach; the plastic garbage, such a fantastic way of recycling and using something that normally goes into the thrash🙏😃
I will consider also doing it with the thrash I collect every day here also though I think it would be better to inform better. We live near some schools and a place where the students also live and they are not good in general to think about the environment, sadly. There is alot thrash near them.
I would like to follow your future endavours taking pictures but I don't have an Instagram account sadly.
I had one at a time but I didn't really use it nor did I know anyone there.