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What organizations are you engaged with?

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I'm a member, volunteered, signed online petitions, and donated to the following organizations and wanted to know what other ones I could join, support, or take action to make the world a better place:


Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Global Citizen


Malala Fund


Sierra Club


St. Joseph's Indian School


Center for Biological Diversity

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

Trees for the Future


Border Angels

Literacy Pittsburgh

Doctors Without Borders

Girl Rising

The Climate Reality Project

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency

Global Footprint Network

Make-A-Wish America

[h4]Corporate Accountability[/h4]
[h4]Democracy for America[/h4]
[h4]Food And Water Watch[/h4]
[h4]League of Conservation Voters[/h4]
[h4]Ocean Conservancy[/h4]
[h4]The International Rescue Committee[/h4]
[h4]People for the American Way[/h4]
[h4]Amnesty International[/h4]
[h4]Environmental Defense Fund[/h4]
[h4]Friends of the Earth[/h4]
[h4]Philanthropy University Global Impact Leaders[/h4]
[h4]Foundation for Economic Education[/h4]

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Deston,  it is admirable that you are so active on so many fronts!  

Since taking Giving 2.0 Course a few years ago, I am more focused about investing my resources.  And as I continue to learn, and situation changes, I adjust accordingly.   My family and I are involved in half a dozen on your list.  This year with pandemic, we give more on food programs and serving vulnerable groups and communities at large.  Education continues to be a priority, especially on critical thinking, life and parenting skills.

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Currently volunteer at SAFE (Saving Animals from Exploitation) 


Donated to Black Sheep Sanctuary, NZ Bird Rescue and WWF.