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What Is Your Word of the Year 2018?

Hi everyone,

Today is December 1st and a perfect time to reflect on what we have experienced over this year. As you may have noticed, some of the dictionaries have already announced their words of the Year 2018 on their websites. Here are a couple of examples:

How would you translate the experiences you've had over this year into one word or expression? To have some fun, let's write our words and build a sentence using the above-mentioned words. You are also welcome to write more than one sentence.

My word of the Year 2018 is floodlight.

My sentence is this: the single-use floodlight helped me distinguish the misinformation about the toxic mushroom! 😃

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Hi Maryam,

My word of the year is: astounding.

My sentence is: That there is so much misinformation around the toxic effects of single-use plastic bags is astounding.

What a fun thing to do!😀😀😀😀😀

Oops! I'm not sure how to get rid of these emojis. They just keep on multiplying!😉
Do you have examples of misinformation about single use plastics?
@Lillian , Ho Wonderful to see you here! Welcome!
@Maryam I have been thinking a lot about these words, especially "single-use". I always thought of that as using one of those inexpensive cameras you would use when you didn't have yours. But then I looked it up and started to explore it further...I hadn't realized it was used as an environmental hazard expression. There are so many single-use objects we just toss without thinking. Take plastic straws. We use them once, then throw them out and they pollute the oceans for years!
Thinking about what Lillian wrote, I might interpret that to mean people don't realize how harmful plastic bags are and keep using them. I am glad to live in a town where plastic bags have been banned. We have gotten used to carrying things without any bags these days too, although we own an elegant collection of reusable bags which we bring everywhere. This is a good word to ponder...
Thanks to @Lochcarron‘s questioning,@Lillian ‘s post and @Maryam ‘s thread inspiration, here is mine:
My word is activist. Here is my too long sentence:

There must be no misunderstanding , a toxic environment will be created by too many single-use items, so you must become an activist to eliminate these and save the earth.
Hi @Lillian. Welcome! So glad you joined us. Thank you for your contribution. Those innocent emojis are just spreading happiness, not superfluous at all. I like them. 🙂
@Judith, thank you for emphasizing the importance of limiting the use of single-use items. Your word and sentence cover that message beautifully. I think our friend, @Lillian, is beautifully reminding us of the importance of distinguishing correct information from misinformation. It is important to get our information on this issue from valid and scientific sources.
@Maryam , so true!
@Lillian I also like all that happiness that just burst forth on the page!😀
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@Lochcarron, I don't specifically have any examples, but I do know that there is controversial information out there around plastic bags, though I believe that most people are slowly coming to realize that they are harmful, especially to animals.

@Judith, plastic bags have also beeen banned in our supermarkets. We just use reusable cloth bags, which, in some ways, are easier to use than the plastic ones! I also liked your sentence. 😀


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