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Dear Community!
I have written a new Thread in the course where I mentor, but when I think well, this is something that also here we need to evaluate. I hope you can answer, Thanks!

This question that It is so simple, but means something important in my opinion.

Anyway, It is clear that all want to know something related of the course, but whatever anyone should want is an answer.... being not important the question of the message written, whenever are into the Coursera rules and the Community (also, only an "m"...) ;)
The way is to answer anyway, whenever you are involved in this Community and with the Course. We need us all together, in order to have a way to compare about how much right is our thinking, being this a good way to valuate the own Knowledge about this matter, and find the right road, to get a self-goal proposed.
Best Regards!

CCL, Mentor

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