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What Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

  • 13 February 2019
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I just met someone in a forum who said she was a paper crafter. Many years ago I enjoyed creating beads out of paper then making necklaces. I also learned how to create a bowl from folded paper.
Every now and then I find a new hobby to enjoy.
What hobbies do you enjoy?

18 replies

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I like making music and comics whenever I can get spare time and I have enough energy for it. I think it is so important to have hobbies in order to keep one´s life fresh and not stale, with all the daily chores such as work, cleaning, etc. Do you (Judith) have a website showing of your hobbies? John🙂

@Lifecoach.phoenix , having hobbies makes you feel so good about yourself and is such a good way to enjoy life. You get such a wonderful sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you engage in a hobby. I have so many of them, I am never bored. Because they are mostly for me, I have no desire to sell or show them on a website. I enjoy crafts as well as music. For example, I have a screened porch with wooden wall interiors. I wanted to decorate the walls with natural things, because it gets cold and wet there. Collecting pieces of drift wood I put together some interesting sculptures to hang. Seashells with holes, strung up and attached made a mobile there. It feels so good to sit there and admire what I did.😀
What kind of music do you make? That’s another hobby I love, playing clarinet, flute, recorder, guitar, hand drum.
What kknd of comics do you create? Do you have a website?
A life filled with hobbies is wonderful! I am so glad you feel this way too.

What other hobbies do people have?

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My favorite activity is probably going on hikes with a camera (or phone camera)! I took my first photography 'class' when I was about 10 years old. A student at my school organized a photography club and her father, a photographer, taught a small group of us about how to use a camera and how to compose photographs.

So I guess I've been interested in photography since I was quite young! My high school photography teacher was excellent. In that class, I learned a lot more about technique, both when photographing and when developing the photos in the darkroom. I haven't used film for a long time, but maybe one day I will again.

My favorite subject is nature – capturing the natural beauty of the world. I love that photos can tell a powerful story and evoke feelings in the viewer. In particular, I like photographing images that could easily be overlooked – finding the things that most people would walk by and never notice.
@Laura , what an exciting hobby! Learning to be observant is such an important skill. I recently bought my 11 hear old grandson a camera for his birthday. I asked him to take photos of his sister’s basketball game. Much to my surprise, he didn’t just take pictures of the playing team. He took amazing photos of the ball swishing through the net, and of the reflections that the players feet made on the floor. Having a camera helps you to think creatively, to notice amazing things as you described.
Have you taken many pictures of the animals you have helped find homes for?
Yesterday a barred owl slept on a sunny branch in our yard all day. I had such fun taking its photos. No sooner than the sun went down, it flew away.
oh real film! The excitement of developing your own film! That was such an art! How awesome you experienced it! 😀
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Hobbies are so essential to having a rich life and the feeling when sharing hobbies and collaborating on mutual interests is such an exciting experience:) And I am never bored either but I just have to remember to relax and keep an eye out on what time it is:0 I also had a wish for selling my music and comics but came to realise that if that ever happened, I would maybe stress on keeping deadlines. But I do want to share my hobbies with others through a website which I want to make. Your screened porch sounds like a cosy and creative place:)
I make electronic music and am nearly finished with my first album which has a space theme. I like to listen to electronic music that expands my mind (why take drugs;)?) And I am heavily influenced by Jean-Michel Jarre! That is alot of instruments that you play! Do you have any recordings that you share online?
I make visual comics that have some deeper themes like love, opposites and life and I try to make them with a sense of underlying humour. I am heavily inspired by the Marvel universe and especially their funnier movies!
A life filled with hobbies is indeed wonderful!

That sounds so wonderful and so great that your interest in taking pictures got sparked at an early age:) I only got about taking my hobbies serious the last couple of years but I guess it is never too late. Do you have a website with your pictures?
I really like getting inspired by others hobbies and sharing creative insights!
My favorite nature is waves breaking and I can just relax, watch and enjoy it whenever I am around it! I enjoy movement in creative outlets and the viual style that no moment is the same.
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And creating a website could be another hobby! That sounds like a great idea. Technology has provided some wonderful opportunities for us to share our creative work with others. I don't have a website with my photos, but maybe it's something I'll do in the future. It truly is never too late – there are plenty of creatives who started their craft later in life.

That's really neat about your grandson, @Judith. And how special to have the barred owl pay you a visit! I do love photographing animals in their natural habitats, and I've taken photos of cats at a couple animal shelters to help them get adopted. Here's a photo I took about a year ago in Thailand, of my blind cat enjoying the sun and breeze.


@Laura , what an amazing picture! The cat is so beautiful. You captured its beauty and majesty so well here.
Here is my barred owl visitor:

@Lifecoach.phoenix , when you start depending on the money from sales of a hobby, it stops being fun.
I have played gigs as a klezmer clarinetist. I don’t need the extra money. It is just fun. I often donate my portion back to our leader who has 2 young children and struggles to survive. For him, it is a job that he worries about. If you plan on selling your music because you need the money, it could become stressful and lose its fun.
And yes, time is such a important factor. You totally lose sense of time when you are engaged in things you love. But it is also a wonderful way to use time.
Many people enjoy creating websites to share their hobbies. They are enjoyable to create. Let us know when yours is ready so we can see it.
I have many YouTube videos out there but nothing I feel is amazing to share. At my stage in life, being retired, I do things for my personal pleasure not to put out there for everyone to see.
Electronic music is a cool sound. I enjoy it when it is integrated with real instruments.
Your space album sounds fabulous!
Does it take a lot of equipment to produce and record?
Your comics also sound fabulous. Have you ever thought of creating a soundtrack to your comics and creating film ?
It’s so wonderful to meet people like you who understand the importance of hobbies and have had them impact your life so positively.
i hope more people share theirs!

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To list my hobbies is a challenge:
  • Morning run (06:00-07:00) with my dog,
  • My favorite activity is Kendo. I'm practicing since 1999,
  • On weekends we try, as a family, to walk on the mountains.
That are the best 3!
@Elias_P , what wonderful hobbies you have! Not only do they make you happy but they are all so good for both your mind and body!
What kind of dog do you run with?
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We adopted her when she was 2 or 3 months. Now, on July, she is becoming 6 years old. Her name is Yuki.
@Elias_P , Yuki is beautiful! I have a 2 year old long haired German Shepherd with tons of energy. My hobby for the past 2 years has definitely been training her. It takes lots of work but is so worth it in the end, to have a wonderful dog friend!


I love to spend my extra time with my pet. I really enjoy with my pet. I think this is my most enjoyable hobby.


With playing my German Shephard is my hobby. I really enjoy my time. My dog is well groomed and vaccinated. I love my dog so much. So this is my hobby guys.!!


I like to shop earrings and jewelry. This is my hobby. 


My hobby is cleaning and washing my property. I love neat and clean environment. In my extra time I clean my whole house.


Currently, my hobbies are studying more about the technologies I like and playing some games like FIFA. I also love watching football and being with my fiancé. All these things are my hobbies, but not necessarily in that order haha


I have hobbies watching movies, listening to songs and gardening. I love gardening because it is the only thing that keeps me close to nature. Whenever I get depressed or stressed our get free time I mostly spent my time in my garden cutting the extra edges grass with my lawnmower to make my garden nice and beautiful, plant new flowers. I've grown vegetables in my garden like tomatoes and potatoes and homegrown vegetables taste different and fresh.