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What do you like to do in your free time?

  • 28 June 2019
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Are you part of an awesome club or team? Whatever it is — we want to hear about it! Use the link below to tell us about your favorite activity and *you* could be featured in a future issue of Malala's Assembly.



7 replies

@destonttanner we are trying to build this community and not another one now. It would be wonderful if you would help us.
Please answer the thread about yourself to get discussions happening here.
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Sorry, I was only trying to add value to this community. I come across info and I like to share it. I'm into SDG 4 and the philosophy of open education. I'd love to help; any suggestions? I curated a course collection and I've taken over 100 MOOCS; Malala's story inspired me; I left the teaching profession, from a career in China to a short period of destitution due to a lost passport, to become an education advocate. I left a link to my aboutme website in my profile, but it's rather boring...I just thought a girl from Coursera might win by talking about how she likes to take MOOCS...
That makes sense, now that you explained it! Thanks, @destonttanner .
@destonttanner you have inspired me to create a thread about something like this here. I am calling it “A Day Off” asking what people mught like to do. I hope you can join this discussion and help create more like it.
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@Judith! I'm glad to see you, as attentive as ever, it's a great pleasure to have you in the community.

@destonttanner that is a nice question, a few years ago when i was in Cartagena, with some friends we created and I'm still part of an awesome club or team, it's called ClubSlackline Cartagena, here we are

"Pipe" Amaris, My person and Jorge Valdelamar "Jor Clown".

We met three times a week in a park located next to the beach, we had fun training and sharing with anyone who approached,

they were two friends we met, the girl with sport looks, is called Amanda Colon, who is from Nuevo Mexico and she is a volunteer teacher at a foundation called WorldTeach, who traveled to different places in the world teaching people whose education is not close to them, she told me that she was once on an island and had to eat in "cocos" and crouched, according to her it was an interesting experience and her expression gave me to understand many positive things.

The other girl is from the European continent who is her friend and she invited to share with us.

Maybe this is one of my favorite activities, you learn to find your balance. It is wonderful that you tell us that the history of malala has inspired you, in such a connected world we are already perceiving that through education, new ideas of development and constructive processes in society, anyone is entitled to assert their opinion regardless of gender or age.

I hope you also share with us and others if are part of an awesome club, i would like to see it. Thanks for the attention.
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@Luis Gerardo Ayala B. Cool Pictures! Sorry, I don't have any pictures. I'm a U.F.O. anyway.(ugly, fat, and old)😆I'm now following WorldTeach on Linkedin. I just finished my volunteer commitment with the "club" Literacy Pittsburgh in which volunteers provide free ESL classes to immigrants and refugees. I've just applied to the "clubs" Free Intelligent Conversation and My World. FIC facilitates engaging conversations between strangers in public places. MY World is a global citizen survey to bring people’s voices into official debates about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My favorite current "club" is Global Citizen. Global Citizen is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030. You can bring the last three into your community!😁




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I participate in your post, in favor of finding a social environment and productively share stories or events related to your description.

Within my mentor of coursera, there is a section called Encouraging Positive Discussions, which establishes a series of logical and estimated behaviors to follow to lead an optimal development both in the courses and in the community,

To encourage high engagement with lots of questions and answers:

Thank you for your questions so they feel valued for posting.

Allow time for students to answer each other before diving in yourself. If questions are urgent or no one else has replied after 24 hours then go ahead and respond.

Finish your post with another question to keep the discussion going.
For example, "What does everyone else think about this?"
Bring it back to the top of the forums and relive the discussion.

To encourage high quality, useful, relevant questions and answers:

Give learners gentle feedback on the quality of their posts.

Regularly post top-quality threads, asking questions to provoke in-depth thinking and discussion. This can be directly related to the course materials or more tangentially related to the topic, as long as it is of interest to the learners in the course.

Upvote good threads and encourage learners to do the same. Upvoting can be used as a way to recognize a learner for posting to a good thread, without actually commenting on it. It's also a great way to draw attention to particularly good threads.

I share this in such a way to encourage users to join in this pleasant experience of coursera community, this platform is worldwide, with the best universities and institutions in the world, it is a place that despite its magnitude and seriousness gives you the opportunity to let you know yourself for others, wanting you to be part of the virtual and social development, without showing many things at once (unless you are the community manager) to give others the opportunity to publish.