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What are your favorite productivity apps?

  • 14 December 2018
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I need your suggestions!

What sort of apps, web browser plug-ins, or other strategies do you recommend for improving productivity and organization?

Here's one of my current dilemmas:

I have multiple web browsers open and many tabs within each browser. I end up in this situation almost every day, even when I try my best to avoid it. I need to reference so many different screens quickly but then I have trouble finding the tabs I want (so I open a new tab!).

Please share what you've found helpful!

3 replies

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It is difficult to distinguish some productivity applications from others for each one in a particular way and it will solve our hands that I will personally speak to myself that helps me:

A Notes

1. Evernote
2. Pocket

B Documents

3. HelloSign
4. Foxit
5. Scanbot

C Media

6. Screencastify

7. Cloze

D Utilities

8. TeamViewer
9. Grammarly
10. WolframAlpha
11. CloudConvert
You can refer to quora. I am sure you will get an answer.
All I can say is, you can bookmark the important ones.
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Thanks for sharing these and organizing them based on what they do, @Ts. Evaggelos. I've been using an app called Bear to take and organize notes on my phone. I find it intuitive and easy to use. I've just started using a Chrome plug-in called Toby to organize my browser windows and tabs. I love grammar so haven't used Grammarly but it seems like really helpful software!


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