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What are your favorite Coursera courses and why?

  • 31 January 2019
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Hello Community from the Teaching & Learning Team here at Coursera,

We work directly with our university and industry partners to create high-quality online content. With that in mind, we would love to hear from you: what is your favorite course on Coursera and why?

Did you learn something that surprised you? Were the assessments gratifying to complete? Did the instructor's videos make you laugh?

Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you!

4 replies

One of my favorite courses was called “Surviving Your Rookie Year of Teaching” because it gave practical useful information that helped teachers to find greater success with students. There were so many practical tips that mase a tremendous difference. For example, one lecture was “No Means No”. As a teacher, if you tell a class they cannot do something, you need to stick to it. It sounds simple, but this is a major problem many young teachers face. All the information learned in this course directly effected a clasroom. If you tried something suggested and it didn’t work, you could discuss it in the course discussions and understand what you can do to make it work.
You were learning and so were your students.
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Learning How to Learn is definitely my favourite course. Enthusiastic instructors, a variety of graphics & camera shots and it's quick to get through with lots of optional material. I really like having the assessments available without having to pay. I can then work towards a result in the course. I have paid for certificates in a few courses even though I don't need them for my career. If it's a great course, I am happy to support it financially.

I find it difficult to stay motivated to finish a course if I can't check my knowledge by answering questions.
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I have read many courses at Coursera, whether on Leadership, Philosophy, Sustainable Development, Energy, and so forth. I must say I have enjoyed them all, each full of substance on the subject that was addressed. I particularly am learning much about human nature from a Social Psychology course I have been asked to mentor. I have been mentoring The Age of Sustainable Development for close to if not over two years now. Professor Sachs became a hero of mine, I am passionate about his teachings, and the wealth of complex information taught in simple forms (making it easier for diverse cultures to learn), and work for the betterment of our planet earth as its species.
Coursera is addictive for those who want to learn online. Each course I take, I think will be the last, yet a few weeks down the line, I find myself having undertaken yet another... I most enjoy reading insights and different perspectives of the concepts we are studying, given views are expressed from all parts of the world. It certainly makes one open minded as such, at times surprised as a perspective expressed would not have otherwise occurred to one, yet makes so much sense.
I guess Coursera will see me active in various forums for time to come! Wishing all the best,
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Thank you @Alexandra for this wonderful thread, collecting all the best courses under one umbrella! I have listed some of my top favorites for Life Sciences in this thread: https://coursera.community/health-34/what-is-the-best-life-sciences-course-you-have-taken-90 if you wish to look. 🙂