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Welcome to our newest members!

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I love reading new community members' introductions. Recently we have welcomed people from India, Greece, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Myanmar, Canada, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Brazil, and the United Kingdom (to name just a few countries)! Wow. We are truly a global community.

This community is meant to support your learning, networking, professional development, and life goals. And every time a new member gives an introduction, answers a question, or shares a question or topic for discussion, we are building up this global community, making it stronger and creating opportunities for connection.

I feel honored to be in this community with you. Thank you! If you haven't introduced yourself yet, you can do so here: New to the community? Introduce yourself here.

And if you're wondering who I am, it's only fair that I link to my introduction: Hi! I'm Laura, a New Community Manager at Coursera.

Please note that the community is visible to the public. Use your best judgment when sharing (e.g., do not share personal details).

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