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Ways to Keep Learning With Your Kids at Home

Ways to Keep Learning With Your Kids at Home
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Are the schools closed in your area? As a parent, you might feel isolated and wonder how to keep your kids occupied, entertained, and learning at home. Remember that you are not alone! There is a wealth of resources available online, including sample daily schedules, curated lists of online apps, and much more. Talk with parents around the world and exchange favorite resources and recommendations below.

Here are 3 tips to support your child at home:

  1. Create a daily schedule you and your child can follow to keep your day organized

  2. Identify age-appropriate online and offline resources that your child will use to keep learning

  3. Dedicate a time every day for a family meeting to discuss concerns, wins, plans — and just to bond and have fun!

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San Diego Zoo has a great interactive website for kids!


A great site https://thekidshouldseethis.com/ with curated links to youtube videos that are educational and entertaining and suitable for kids. You can also sign up for weekly emails which lists the newest and most interesting videos. 


SQUABBLES.com offers an excellent curriculum in Social and Emotional Learning.

Build resilience in kids so they are not so easily upset by non-criminal words or actions.


If anyone has preschoolers and needs worksheets this is a great resource: https://www.planesandballoons.com/preschool-worksheets-pdf/


My two young boys are currently loving Cosmic Kids Yoga. It’s great because it’s storytelling and imagination, with movement and stretching and all the good that comes with Yoga, and it keeps them learning for about 20 minutes at a time! Available on YouTube for free and more on their app which has a monthly fee - may be worth it!


This website seems to offer a lot of resource.  I’m using the ‘telling the time worksheets’ after my son told me he didn’t know when 09:00 was to start his handwriting practice!  https://www.math-aids.com/Time/.  Good luck everyone, Tim & family

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Here’s something to get folks started:

I thought I’d share a list of activities people can do at home with their infants and toddlers. These activities were a part of a project I did for my college class in Early Childhood Education. The other advice I have is to READ to your children and try to limit their screen time if possible!

Games for Infants:

* rolling balls of different colors and sizes with your infant (even better if they make sound or have different textures!)

* make silly faces and sounds with your infant

* hold up a mirror a few feet away, and ask where the infant is by name. 

* hide a toy of interest for the infant under a blanket, ask where it went, then uncover the toy. 

* model and ask for the infant to find and label body parts

Games for Toddlers:

* look through objects; fill clear bottles with water and food coloring or glitter. Look through sunglasses. Etc. 

* listen to music and dance with scarves, ribbons, or other props

* provide materials like paper, paints and crayons...let them go at it!  Ask them to describe their work when they are finished. No direction needed!

* find photos of diverse families, including some with sign language or other different abilities. Show these photos to the toddler and discuss them together. 

And for both: recite finger plays and nursery rhymes!  

Again, READ and try to limit screen time!

Hope some of these activities will be helpful!


I can highly recommend ScratchJr app!! It’s an awesome coding activity for begnners (5-8 years old kids). It’s free! You can download to your iPad.

Really fun & creative and teaches basis of computer programming in a fun way.


Top websites / apps in my arsenal :


https://www.originatorkids.com/?p=982  - Endless Learning academy, covers maths, english, science, spanish for younger ones

https://uk.ixl.com/ela/   covers the entire curriclum for every year upto GCSE’s with interactive programmes on the website.. they also make 

https://www.todomath.com/- US site. huge range of exercises, progresses through from kindergarden into early years of school

https://www.doodlemaths.com/ - Solid App that works well introducing new concepts and also revisiting past subjects to enforce cognitive learning. Suitable from 3-12

A number of schools in UK offer their past papers for 10+, 11+ entry exams and good to work through these with your kids

www.natgeokids.com -  Lots of activities here, covering science and nature, maths and english

https://scratch.mit.edu/ Scratch programming from MIT.. huge number of apps can help here for the olders ones such as https://www.codecademy.com/learn, etc..

https://arcade.makecode.com/ Coding to make games! (from Microsoft)

I’m trolling these companies on twitter to politely suggest slashing their fees or open up for free during this extraordinary period. Everyone has to pull together. It is an effective method to encourage good customer service and social responsibility !     I implore you to do the same


Good luck people


Hi! any apps or websites suggested for teenagers. I´ve got a 15-year-old daughter.

Thanks in advance.

Good luck everyone!!

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Hi Everyone! Here is a list of online parenting resources for wfh with kids at home too that Courserians have collected. We are all in this together, and if you have little ones (or bigger ones) at home, or know someone who does, these might be helpful. Stay safe!


Logistics - Good Job, You’re Doing Your Best!


Open Source Doc Collecting WFH with Kids Tips 


Daily Schedule for Being Home with the Kids






LEGO & Duplo


Epic! Kids Books & Videos


Busy Toddler - At Home Kids Activities Blog


Story Time with Katie - A Librarian’s Themed StoryTimes and Activities


B4 Adventure - Outdoor Adventure Backyard Slacklining Gear


Schoolclosures.org  - Free Curated Tools & Resources 


12 famous museums that are offering virtual tours 


Frugal Fun - Learn at Home with Materials you Have


San Diego Zoo for Kids - Videos and Learning and Animal Cams 


Painted Rhino Music & Instagram Live Classes


Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube Channel 




Khan Academy Kids


Brain Pop


Free Education Company Subscriptions for Kids 


Raising Dragons - Interactive Steam Activities for ages 2-8+


Book that explains COVID-19 to kids



Shared from Schools, Teachers, or Daycares


UnSchool HomeSchooling Resource List 


Education Website Resource List & Plans for Covid-19 (From a Teacher) 




























ChildBirth & Newborn Classes


Cheri’s Mom & Baby Group on Zoom (normally @Parent’s Place in Palo Alto), Join FB group here


Blossom Birth and Family in Palo Alto Online 


Laugh and Learn about Childbirth Book 


Taking Cara Babies Online 


Coursera | University of Colorado | Newborn Health Specialization


Coursera | Yale | Everyday Parenting - The ABC’s of Child Rearing


Coursera | Stanford | Child Nutrition and Cooking


thank u for all .There are so many useful informations . 


Thank you!!


Take care!!


Dear Vera, thanks for your tips !

From Brussels where I live, my partner Alastair and myself register free podcasts on positive news in English and French for 8 to 12 kids. We think that it’s even more important now to keep a good spirit and see that the world is full of inspiring people, ideas and solutions.

This is our last edition, availabe on YouTube:


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A fun and popular resource I’ve come across is children’s author/illustrator Mo Willems’ Lunch Doodles. Here’s the first episode!


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