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Very upset with my problem!

  • 1 August 2020
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A Coursera Specialization was charged from my account, but I had cancelled it. I can’t reach Coursera’s support!! I didn’t even finish the first week because I didn’t like it, so I cancelled it!

If I can’t solve this, get a refund and cancel the subscription I’m NEVER purchasing any other service from here! It’s a lot of money to be simply thrown away, I cant afford that!

How can a platform not have costumer support????

Hope to hear back…. @Claire @Laura 

1 reply

@Fernanda Simões , see if this article helps you.

 When you finish reading it you will see a small blue outlined box with a little envelope in it that says “contact us”.

Press that and you will be able to reach someone who will help you. You will write this up and it will be reviewed.