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um hi im bad at this

  • 2 December 2019
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Hi.. My [preferred] name is Skylar, and Im a 19 year old autistic girl from wisconsin. Due to a ton of difficulties, i havent been able to get a job since 2016. i graduated High School in 2019, and I still dont know what im supposed to do with my life yet. While my origional ambition in life was to become a medical examiner (someone who preforms autopsies to determine the cause of death), I’ve realized that that dream is unattainable, due to the necessary 10-14 years of collage that I would need. Ive been told that collage is better than high school, but I dont beleive it. I’m not very good at school, and I’ve never been taught how to study, and teachers in the past would put me down if I found an extreme interist in a topic that “doesn’t matter” because it wasn’t being taught. Anywayyyyy… enough of that sob story, I am on here in hopes to not only allow myself to continue to learn, because i enjoy doing that, and possibly further my education in… *insert legit a 12 minute pause* … something. lol

1 reply

@Fluttercord Hi Skylar. Nice to meet you.

You have been told the truth, college is much better than high school. This from someone who went to three high schools and finally got my GED at 27 so I could go on to college.

One reason it is better is people are actually there because they want to learn rather than because the state mandates they be there until they turn 18. For another, there is a whole world of new things to learn, in depth, that just don’t exist in HS.

Take your time to figure out what you really want to do, and if it requires college, give it a try. Meanwhile, this is also a good place to learn new things, look around and see what interests you and what you might like to pursue further.