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Today is a Wonderful Day

  • 15 May 2019
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Cordial greetings to everyone,

I would like to dedicate a few words based on the recognition of this day that is May 15, the commemoration and celebration of the work of teachers and similar educators, for me, the teaching mission is an art, a very nice devotion, thanks to their knowledge, experiences, motivations, suggestions and criticisms is that i feel i am here, because I knew accept their advise, I believed in them and thanks to all my teachers I am who I am now.

Maybe so many words of thanks would not be enough to write them or it would be too long, so I would like to share with you, wanting your participation, what has been one of your most meaningful interactions that you have had with a teacher and has changed your life or has given the path you wanted?.

I will be preparing my answer 😃.

I send a Happy day of the teacher to the whole community, to those who have ever taught and those who want to teach.

My best wishes and affections.

Ella fue mi profesora !!
She was my teacher !!

Juez - Judge
Agrónomo - Agronomist
Banquero - Banker
Veterinario - Veterinarian
Psicologo - Psychologist
Abogado - Lawyer
Médico - Doctor
Escritor - Writer
Ingeniero - Engineer
Gobernador - Governor
Ministro - Minister

"La docencia es la única profesion que crea a todas las otras profesiones".
"Teaching is the only profession that creates all other professions".

2 replies

@Luis Gerardo Ayala B. , thank you for calling attention to the importance of teachers! The illustration you gave us shows us why we need to appreciate good teachers!
Having taught in schools for over 40 years, I always looked forward to “Teacher Appreciation Day”. Rather than buying gifts for teachers, on this day, parents of our students would get together to create a special lunch for us. They would cook food for us at home and bring it to school. The food was always so delicious. I always looked forward to the homemade cream puffs one parent always made. But it was more than the food. Both parents and teachers would sit down together to share it. We shared such good conversations and got to know one another better.

It is a good question for us all to think about...which teachers influenced us. Sometimes we don’t realize the impact a teacher has on us till years later. I have had an occasional student visit me years later to tell me how much I helped.At the time I would have never guessed this. My clarinet teacher had a tremendous impact on me. He taught me more than just notes, but to make beautiful music. At that time I often felt frustrated having to repeat sections of music over and over but in retrospect I learned much.
Has this happened to you where you didn’t appreciate your teacher at the time, but years later came to see how important this teacher was toyou?
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Thank you for this lovely post, @Luis Gerardo Ayala B.! I, too, really like the image you've shared – it's very touching. I'm grateful to have had many wonderful teachers, from elementary school through university.

Your question, "what has been one of your most meaningful interactions that you have had with a teacher and has changed your life or has given the path you wanted?" is a great one. The teachers who helped me the most showed me that they saw me for who I am – they cared about me not because I was well-behaved in class or because I got good grades, but because of qualities that they recognized as valuable – things like passion, curiosity, and empathy.

From my perspective, there is nothing quite so meaningful as being seen, respected, and loved for being my authentic self. Having teachers who believed in my potential encouraged me to 'follow my heart' in my ongoing education, career, and in life in general.

One teacher at my secondary school was my sponsor at my church when I was confirmed. So, she wasn't my teacher in the classroom, but I knew her well because she would sit outside her classroom during the class changes so she could say hello to students and chat with them. She was a deeply beloved teacher who saw – and cultivated – potential in everyone.

As my confirmation sponsor (a sort of spiritual mentor), she gave me a little mirror with a note that said she hoped when I looked in the mirror that I would see in myself what she saw in me (my positive qualities and potential). That was 22 years ago. I still carry that mirror with me, and I still think of her and her belief in me when I use it!