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Thanking Coursera

  • 20 June 2020
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Hi, @Laura and all the other officials of Our Coursera Community, and also the Coursera for introducing this Coursera for Studentsand “guided project based Study” in additional. This will helps us a lot. Really a lot. We as student thanking this platform and our community to introducing this all and upgrading and making amendment with time to time really helps us all to achieving our goals.


You people wouldn’t believe that how much happy i am, this happiness is not countable and expressible in words and literally i am very thankful to this community and  all our members also decision making admins of Coursera to provide us this much of variety of resources under an umbrella. We are growing every day, every time. This all happens by the contribution of each and every members.


The new Coursera interface is very simplified, classified and easy to use. The newly introduced “Coursera for Students” and “Hand Guided  projects” will helps us in every aspect and also empower our global community to have deep and enrich, well and niece, best and certified knowledge based education. This will uplift our community and also individually.


Thanking You Coursera

For All of this new features and Resources.

I   :heart:   Love   :heart:   Coursera

2 replies

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Hi @AnkitRaj. Thank you for taking the time to share your gratitude here! I’m really happy to hear you’ve found Coursera for Students and Guided Projects so helpful!

@AnkitRaj i , also am so glad to hear how important Coursera is for you. It’s so refreshing to see a positive thread about what’s happening that is positive here.