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Thank you, Next (course)

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What is one course you recommend to your fellow learners and why?

(Enjoy this parody of Ariana Grande's Thank you, Next and share your recs!)

One taught me love
One taught me Excel
And one taught me Python
Now, I get my design on
I've watched and I've learned
And I've passed my assessments
So, look at my certs
Look at what they taught me
And for that, I say
Thank you, next (course)
Thank you, next (course)
Thank you, next
I am really grateful for your recs

Share your course recommendations below!

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My list of "want to take" courses is long. But the one I just finished was short – about 4 hours: Leadership Through Social Influence. It's part of the Organizational Leadership specialization.

Next up is Animal Behaviour and Welfare!


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