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Tell us your success story

  • 16 January 2019
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Every path to success looks different. We want to hear from you.

Has Coursera helped you gain a new skill that led to a job promotion? Or maybe you studied a new subject and made a career change that's better for your family. Success can mean so many things, including feeling more confident in your ability to learn something new.

This post is inspired by another success story shared here in the community.

We want to know how you've achieved success through Coursera. Share your story below.

1 reply

I had been a teacher for 40 years. Retirement is wonderful, but having so much knowledge with no one to share it with was sad. I could tell you how to deal with a challenging group of teens, for example, but who would I tell? My son, who had just created a Master's Degree program in Education, also created 2 Coursera courses based on some of his most successful classes. Of course I took them and soon found myself a Mentor. Best of all, my background and experience could support his courses. I could explain with real examples why a strategy would work.For a while I felt like a Dear Abby sort of person, problem solving all these teachers issues through my son's course. But it was wonderful and I felt as if I was able to not only help others, but help my son's course and finally help myself.
I learned it was very satisfying to help others and soon became a Mentor Guide in the forums where I was able to help many more people. Beyond just helping others, there was such an exciting feeling to be able to connect with people from all over the world! I became close friends with someone from Poland. Although she is no longer here at Coursera, we have collaborated on a few educational projects and workshops that have been presented in a few different countries. Recently, we have written a project up that is being considered for publication in a book of Project Ideas for ESL ( English as a second language).
Meeting people from all over the world, thanks to Coursera has given me new understanding of life.