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Syrian Refugees

If we can also talk about Syrian refuges than it wold be good we have to help Syrian refugees in UK they need us like others.

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@JackMarshal this thread discussion is about deleting comments. Why don’t you start a new doscussion thread about Syrian refugees? This way you will find others who want to discuss it. At the top of this page you will see, “create a topic”. Press this and it will help you create your topic. Thank you.
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I've moved this into a new topic
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Claire, I don't think this topic belongs into this forum at all. You surely do not want to established a biased censorship in a scientifically orientated community. If people from Europe start reporting, you would have to censor a part of the experiences, if people don't censor their own reality for you.

A censored reality does not go well together with science. So I think we should keep this political matters out of the forum.
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@Elmar thanks for your concern. I don't see anything in the original post which would indicate bias or censorship. We are open to all topics of discussion in our Networking & Social Discussion forum, as long as they are respectful. We do have subject forums, such as Data Science, dedicated to discussions about particular subjects.

At Coursera we do our best to help refugees and we do work with various organizations to provide courses for them via Coursera for Refugees.


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