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Study Group Idea: Kind like The Avengers... but for Coursera

  • 16 November 2019
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Hey I’m Michael,

I’m currently a Digital Designer working @ The Agency Marketing Group in Charlotte, NC, USA. I’m working on introducing User Experience methods into my work and adding what I think is a crazy valuable tool to our company’s toolbelt. Currently, I am the “web” department so when it comes to design and development of websites I have to handle both. Its an interesting challenge that’s made me aware that how we design an interface may not be how it translates to development. In the real world, you have to know your development team’s limitations. And boy, am I painfully aware of my own limits.

I think product design is about bridging that gap in your team. 

I’m taking this course to sharpen my skills, study with motivated people but I’d also love to connect just to nerd about design. 

And last but not least (shameless plug) if you identify as one of these positions, we should talk! I’d think it’d be cool to form a multidisciplinary group. Its the dream team I’m hoping to pitch at work. I think it would work out well having a group that can speak to all sides of the problem.


Content Strategist

UX Researcher

Wordpress Developer

Front-End Developer



I love Photoshop, XD and anything Adobe so If you’re thinking of what tool to use I’d be glad to talk it over on IG @mbmediadesign

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