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So What Do You Think of This New Community?

I noticed that there are over 200 people here now! How exciting. I wondered what you think about it?
It has not officially “launched” but will soon. We are so fortunate to have been able to test this out and to interact with one another’. For those who have interacted in the Mentor Forums, or Data Science Community, how does this conpare?
For those who haven’t had the opportunity to be a part of such a community before, what do you think?
What can we do to help assure its success?

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My sentiments exactly, @Judith.
In the beginning, it felt like a newly discovered land with no residents. It was so vacant that our voices would echo through the space. 😉 Gradually more and more people joined us and this is currently like a lovely town with more than 200 citizens from all over the world. The forums you mentioned are also wonderful places but this new space is more attractive. :)
Keep up the great work, everyone!
@Maryam , your description of this community ‘s progress is perfect! It is so exciting that we have been able to be here first, to watch it grow and be a part of its progress. It has been so wonderful to meet friends we met in the other community as well as meet new ones.

I like knowing that we will meet more diverse people such as beta testers, translators, mentors, and learners. It feels like a more complete community. I also like having this separate from the Mentor course. And it is more colorful, 😀!
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@Judith I think, slowly but steadily, the community is turning out to be very important place for individuals to immerse themselves in fruitful interactions. I will not be surprised if the current member strength which is 251 at the moment, get’s a sudden increase in graph all of a sudden, as it’s quite imperative, announcement will create more awareness about this community and people will look to associate with this centralized community, all under one umbrella.
Success of a community, forum or board, largely depends upon the contributions and participation from it’s members/ambassadors /partners.
@Mohammad Sameer Hasan , I agree that success of a community depends on the community, participation in it. What suggestions do you have to increase participation? For example, have all 200+ people here participated in these discussions?
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I think the community is very good structured and have a nice design, personally i like it. And it is nice to see many people from so many different countries around the world. To increase the participation, it can be a possibility to integrate the community along the course forums, or on the main page of coursera.
Our town is growing rapidly. There are now over 580 members. 🙂
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@Maryam: Looks good. I´m curious how many users the community have next week ☺
Me too, @Marcus. I guess the number would be over 2000. 🙂
@Maryam and@Marcus , it is so exciting to watch the numbers grow every day and know we have been here from the very beginning. We may be from all over the world, but we all share a love for education and learning.
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Congratulations to Coursera for finally installing a truly professional forum community up to current standards in the field of online communities, which I very much support. I hope the gamefication will lead to meaningful interactions and possibilities for scaffolding one's expertise and social interaction. There are some risks that involve how to monitor the PM system for bullying for instance, and excesses by posting for the sake of posting. Let us all provide constructive feedback in those instances where we see that go wrong and focus on the positive.

For now, I'm clear on the fact Coursera's community managers will be moderating the community. Will, on the long term, mentors moderate the community as learners as a whole enter the community? If so, how will the training for Coursera mentors change if anything? What role will university programmes, like we run at Leiden, have a role and function in this new system?

I am looking forward not just to Coursera's response, but to the thoughts that other mentors might have on this.

Overall I consider it a positive step forwards and hope to make it part of the experience of the Leiden University volunteer programme.

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Welcome, @TanjadeBie I have heard so many wonderful things about you from so many wonderful people here!
Those are all excellent questions that @Claire and @Laura will be able to answer.
Having 2 Community Managers here should be able to be responsive to any issues that occur.
The Mentor Course is still running on the old platform and will remain there, from my understanding.
This community is all inclusive, which brings everyone together, unlike in the past where there were separate communities for thr varying jobs.

I think that there should be some volunteer moderators here. In a vast community such as this, it is not often easy to catch challenges. Having been a Mentor Guide in the course, we have often been able to help when such issues have happened. It’s also just comforting for everyone to know people are always watching, to be able to delete anything inappropriate for example.

i really like having this as a separate place from the mentor trainees. I thought that the old forum should just become the mentor training course. Good to have these discussions.
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well said @Judith.


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