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Share a review of your favorite course here!

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Did you take a Coursera course that you loved? Maybe the topic was incredibly interesting. Or you learned something that changed your life or career. Reply to this post to review a favorite course and inspire other learners!

Use the prompts or write your own review from the heart.

Course name:
Offered by:
How long it took to complete:
Favorite lecture/reading/activity:
Key learnings:
Who would benefit from taking this course:

I'm eager to hear from everyone in the community! I'm tagging some people who I think may be especially interested in this topic: @Carol, @chicoman, @shahzad, @Charlotta Sofi Ryden, @jrcephas, @Robert, @Joan Katrina Cruz, @Sonal Patel, @SunnyR.

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I have to say that are are many courses I loved, but the one that actually changed the course of my working life was the TESOL course offered by Arizona State University; first because it made it possible to change jobs and second because it's an actual certficiate from the University.
Course name: TESOL certificate (Teach English now, part 1 and 2)
Offered by: Arizona State University
How long it took to complete: About a year with financial aid, it takes a long time between courses because you can only apply for one corse at a time.
Favorite lecture/reading/activity: All of it basically
Key learnings: Teaching techniques, what to teach, resourses.....
Who would benefit from taking this course: Anyone who wants to teach!
I would love to do a Bachelor of Arts with Coursera (English, Teaching........) if offered.
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Hi @Charlotta Sofi Ryden. Thanks for sharing your course review. I'm interested in TESOL myself, so it's great to hear about this certificate!


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