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Santorini 30/5 to 6/6 2019 - Anyone else out there?

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I am on hols (from UK) per above, next week.

As Coursera Mentor on 'Social Psychology' (Wesleyan Uni), and 'Psychological First Aid' (John Hopkins Uni), and ex mentor on 'Clinical Neurology' (Uni of Chicago) it would be great to chat with anyone else who like me is intrigued and fascinated to learn more about how we cam to be as we are and what we might become?

This is my first post here and hope it is ok to do this.... I love Coursera and all the learning it has brought me - it has enriched my life immensely and for this I will be grateful for as long as I am. I would also mention I am a 'remainer' and frankly embarrassed by UK Leadership (another favourite topic).
Kind Regards
Gordon MacKay

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Welcome, @Gomackay , I hope you start many other posts. This is what will make this an exciting community to return to.

”how we came to be as we are and what we might become...”
Do you mean this as individuals or as humanity in general? Do you mean this biologically or mentally?

Judging from your background I assume you mean individually and mentally. If so, why don’t you tell us what you think first to stimulate ideas? Thanks...looking forward to your response.😀
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Well Judith Thanks for such a prompt response, and relieved my enquiry is ok!

I am fascinated and continue to study to learn more about myself as well as what the causes are for the state of the World today.

I recently wrote that I wonder if democracy is broken if the majority evidence a lack of kindness, compassion and empathy. There is some irony in my travelling to Santorini - once home to the Minoan civilisation that was destroyed by an immense volcanic eruption leaving the caldera as it is today - some rumoured this was, in fact, once the home of stories of Atlantis! Whatever the truth - like the population of Elephant Island I think that warnings from a damaged ecosystem and environment are there for those to see who see and hear for those who hear.

With something of a Stoic mindset I find myself able to manage the frustration this gives rise to by letting go that which I cannot change but this leaves me the more committed to understand and comprehend the causes.

As one charged with developing Leadership behaviours in my organisation I am constantly reminded that there are those who lack empathy yet are drawn to a narcissistic approach to life - seeking power and control over others etc. I wonder what this means for our world ... good to talk to anyone who shares my interests!
@Gomackay , each generation thinks that there are major issues with the new generation.. As an older person I don’t see this. The same issues are always present. Are today’s youth more self-centered, being they enjoy selfies and posting about themselves all the time?
Not any more self centered than in the 70’s where self discovery and psycho analysis was the “in” thing to do, divorce being encouraged to find yourself, etc.

Some people are more empathetic than others. It depends who you choose as friends. Mine are empathetic and kind. Look at all the Mentors here, who gladly volunteer to help, or the beta testers and translators, so many kind and giving people!

Changes are accumulative.If you look at the whole picture they can be daunting, but of you look at a small piece you can make a difference and can effect change. In my town no one uses plastic bags any more, or plastic straws. At events, water stations encourage you to fill your personal water bottle so you don’t need to buy plastic bottles of water. We have reduced our use of plastics.It’s not worldwide, but it's a start. Think of ways you can effect change and do it.

I choose to be optimistic and believe that we as humans will start to help the world survive. But some of this depends on you becoming active in trying to make this happen. It would be wonderful to hear from others.