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  • 11 July 2019
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Within the technological processes, the change has been fundamental for the development of new ways to be seen, listened to, made known and offer products and services.

Over time, we have seen how a RGB screen monitor became a 4-8k screen monitor, thus improving the technique of how to transmit the ideal of acquiring a certain thing to the consumer.

From the black and white television commercials, to the best advertising with quality never existed, there is still some baffling at my think, due to the fact of historical and direct transcendence.

The perspective can be changed by looking at it with new eyes, metaphorically, making them interact properly with the user. Wanting to say my point of view.

That is, to put an edge, a window with options either by selection or margin of liking that can move soft and continous in (1.00 - 10.00), to use filters, turns, stickers, sound, low, brightness, among many others, generating revision/data elements which can contribute for the analysis of new models by more inputs features to establish relationships and reach other sectors even more detailed. in addition, perhaps even contributing to the total reproduction if it is video that with so much affection many designers realize them.

For me in terms of public accountant and manager, these are the goodlooking Rads, which should be considered in today's generation, pretending a greater coverage, more visibility and of course something that contributes to sustaining in a cluster for a better improvement.

It is an interesting topic and i would like to know the opinion of the others members or affiliated entities about this new approach.

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