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  • 16 September 2020
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Helloūüėä everyone

I'm Mohammed Khaled, from Egypt.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Education.

I'm very excited to be with this awesome community. Really, I love Coursera, I'm looking forward to be your friend.

Thanks ūüíď

2 replies

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Cordial greetings esteemed @Mohamed.Atala, welcome to the community,

Nice that you have a Bachelor of art in education, glad to see your post a friend more here :blush:, feel comfortable to explore the other sub-forums, maybe you like the topics that are in Personal Development or Music, i can say that one of our Music Leaders @Judith is teacher and also an artist, she has been on stages, orchestras, composed music and she dances too :notes:.

I think that music education is an art, what can say us to this Judith and also Mohamed,  

kind regards.  


@Mohamed.Atala , It is a pleasure to meet you. What kind of education will you be involved with? Children? Teens? Adults? What subject?

You will find many wonderful friends here, like @Luis Gerardo Ayala B. He gave me such a lovely introduction, thank you, Luis!

The subject forums are fun to explore. In the music one, we have many interesting threads and posts which include many samples of music. 
I look forward to further discussions with you here.