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New to the community? Introduce yourself here! [October 2018]

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I am a software tester by profession, I'm from Philippines, currently enrolled in (isc)2 SSCP specialization.

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Please call me Hooway.

  • Live in San Francisco Bay Area, from South East Asia.
  • Started the trial for 1) Cisco Networking Basics Specialization, 2) Google IT Support Professional Certificate, and 3) Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate
  • Want to beef up on multi-disciplinary knowledge (Networking, IT, and DevOps more specifically) to support my work for SRE; I am a Program Manager aspiring to becoming an SRE Operation Manager
  • Like to read
  • Want to find a study group first and foremost! 
    • Would also like to figure out what is the most cost-effective option for enrolling in Cisco Networking Basics Specialization
    • I am assuming Coursera Plus is the best way to go to get both Google IT Support and Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificates…?  Pointers are most welcome!

Thanks for taking your time to read entry.


Hi Everyone,

I am Aydin AKTAR, 34, from Turkey.

  • I am Mineral Processing Engineer.
  • I want to add Data Science career to my professional career.
  • I have IT specialist certificate from M.E.T.U. Computer Eng. Dept. and I have IBM Data Science Professional Certificate from Coursera.

I am happy being the part of in this community.

Best regards.  


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Hi Everyone,

I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I just enrolled in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Course.

It’s become necessary for me to obtain some sort of certification for my current data analytics skills and experience, to get ahead in my new profession of data analytics/data scientist/data engineer.

I’ll be honest to say that my hobbies all centre around coding and building stuff, I know it sounds boring, lol. I love riding bicycles though, if that helps :)




Hi community, 

My name is Norris Azumah a student at the UGMS( university of Ghana Medical School). I am a second clinical year student and I live in Ghana. I am very new to coursera, I just signed up to take the neuroscience course.

Schools are closed down in my country as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  I decided to use the time wisely to build myself up , and I believe this community is going to help me achieve that. 

When I am not reading, I may be practicing on my acoustic guitar or watching a movie.

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Hello Everyone,

  Nice to see so many bright brains at one place. I am Aditya from India. I work as a  GIS/Map developer and aspiring to be a data Scientist. I have just completed my certification is Data Science by IBM through coursera.

I currently work as a GIS developer and a scrum master for my project. My linked profile is


I want to explore further into the field of data science and planning to pursue Pdh in the same. 

My hobbies include cooking 



Hello everybody,

I’m Michele form Italy, I’m a machine-learning enthusiast (even if i’ve only finished the Stanford’ course, and planning to take a second one), will to bring this fantastic tool in my orking experience.

At present I’m working in Health, Safety, Environment and quality, I’m a  nuclear engineer but always been passionate in programming.

Please feel free to get in touch, and if you have suggestions on machine learning  or coding classes, let me know! :) 


Hi all,  I am Shanawaz Patil from India. My pleasure to be here!



So grateful to have found course era! Hey guys, I'm Sam; I am going into week 2 of the Weight Loss Management course. I am a personal trainer but my ultimate goal is to become a clinical nutritionist. I am passionate about helping others and motivating then the achieve there goals. The cool thing is that I achieve mine in the process!


Super happy to be a part of something so great. Looking forward to moving forward!


Hi all,

My name is Jide, a school vice principal and English language, literature and history teacher from Nigeria. I’ve completed quite a number of courses on Coursera, from as far back as 2013 at least, but this is the first time I’ve heard about this community. I think it is a really great idea.

My interests include general knowledge courses like basics of programming, big history, critical thinking and so on but most importantly, I am on the verge of completing Arizona State University’s TESOL certificate course.

I enjoy teaching, mentoring, researching, travelling, playing chess and (more recently) networking.

Pleased to meet you all.

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Hi my name is larisa, i am from mexico.

i am thaking the course sciemce of well being.  in this situation of coronavirus, i would like to learn something useful


Hello everybody. I am from Ternopil National Pedagogical University located in Ukraine and I have applied for Coursera for Campus. I am awaiting “Go ahead” and provide for our students great possibility to attend educational courses on the Coursera platform.


Hello everyone, my name is Cher (for short, don't worry about the long version. You might as well bite your tongue. 😂 ) 

I'm Nigerian living in Nigeria. Here learning to play the guitar. The lessons so far has been exciting! 

I have this love for playing guitar but have never really pursued it. Coursera and the prevalent lockdown gave me an avenue to do so.

I'm interested in travel, have been to several exciting places in my country and part of the West coast. 

I look forward to the best Coursera has to offer. 

Thank you yafun yafun (in the Nigerian parlance) 

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Hello everyone.

I am Tushar Bhatt a final year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering student from India.

I am very passionate about aerospace and planes as I was selected to be a pilot in the Airforce but could not join because of a medical issue. Then I came across the word “Data Science” through my friend and here I am.

I have a little coding background as I have done C++ in 11 and 12 grade. I have also done Python and Java basic level courses during my Bachelor’s.

I have completed the IBM Data Science Specialization and Mathematics for Machine learning Specialization. 

As Data Science is the future, I really want to pursue this field and probably do MS.

 I am looking forward to developing skills in data science and machine learning using Python.

I want to start doing beginner-level projects (can someone help me with it please?).

My hobbies are playing PC games, Basketball and problem solving (Mathematics specifically).

My interests are Astronomy, Formula 1, and planes.

Nice to meet you all.

Really looking forward to learning something new from this community, sharing my knowledge, and become confident with my decision of pursuing Data Science.




Hai my dear friends I am DINO JOSEPH, a man of simple and powerful mind from “GOD’S own country Kerala” @ India . I am a STORY-WRITER as well as a social animal

Hi all,

I’m JiEun Song, a Data Scientist and a Cancer Biologist with a background in cancer immunology and molecular biology. I recently completed data science program and am exploring new opportunities in the field. I have extensive knowledge in Python which I leverage to implement machine learning models, data wrangling, and data visualization. 

My passions lie in data science and biomedical research and I’m currently taking the Genomic Data Science Specialization course to pursue computational biologist position afterwards. Glad to join new community here!


JiEun Song


Hello everyone, My name is Bridget and I'm from Nigeria. I'm currently studying for the TESOL professional certificate from the ASU. I'm enjoying my courses so far and I love my instructor Dr Shane Dixon, especially how he acts the lessons which makes it easier for the learners to understand. I love making friends and I'm happy to be on this platform and I love making friend. Thank you.  


Hello everyone! I am Sakib from Bangladesh. I live in Sylhet, Bangladesh. I am studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. 


November 2019 update! Please introduce yourself on the new introductions thread here.

Welcome to our community!

This is a place for Coursera learners to connect with one another and help each other achieve their learning and life goals.

We'd love to get to know you a bit better, please introduce yourself! If you're stuck for things to say, here are a few ideas:

  • Where you're from or where you live now
  • What you're studying
  • Why you're studying
  • What your hobbies or interests are



Hello  everyone

I am pratibha chauhan from India. I am learning English to be perfect in English.

I love to listen and read motivational things

I usually read news and novel

I am looking to some new friends who can help me to learn other language and I can also help them in which thing they need.




Hi, I'm Madhukesh. I'm from India, I just completed Data Engineering with GCP cloud Professional Course. I'm working as a Flutter Developer at a startup.


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Hello,I am Rothymie from Nigeria,I graduated as Bsc holder in computer science few month ago.

I enroll for data science IBM professional course in coursera and I can say I am now a data scientist after I have recently complete the course and I have being given the certificate.

i have being studying machine learning during my school days before I graduate, I love machine learning so much.and that make me to apply for this professional course in which I have completed the course.

i am still yearning for more knowledge ,I am not yet satisfied,I am still hungry for more.I need more friend ,I need more project, I need to learn more.I am still begging for more because I am not satisfy.I need more friend and also anyone who need my help I am Kinda help too.

thanks so much,I love you guys all.





My name is Umar, I am from Nigeria. An Assistant Registrar at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. I am an Administrator and currently working at the Academic Affairs Department as the University Verification Officer. 

I live in Zaria and I love traveling.

The COVID 19 PANDEMIC has affected all Universities and Tertiary education in the Country. That has now made the Community to begin to engage our student's into taking lectures online. 

For an Administrator like me, i have personally taken online courses  via many platforms and Coursera is one of such. I have 2 certifications on HR and Talent Management obtained in 2017 and 2020 respectively. 

We now work from home and one of the biggest challenges I am facing is how to migrate and convert my entire office activities to an e-platform.

Umar Abubakar Mohammed, 

Verification Officer/ ASSISTANT REGISTRAR, 

Ahmadu Bello University, 

Zaria, Nigeria






I am Nakul Sharma from Washington DC - US and i have been part of Coursera since over two years now. I have had taken various courses in Data Science Specializations with recent one being IBM AI Engineering specialization. I am further interested in enhancing my skill set and for that i have enrolled into mongodb specialization course. 

With the help of previous Data Science courses i took through this platform, i was able to develop from scratch an application which could benefit my organization. All through out, it has been a great learning experience. 

One help from the community i would seek here is that, with the help of courses as i mentioned before, i was able to develop some fare understanding of various statistics concept, but i believe i still have a long way to go in this particular domain of statistics. I was wondering if anyone could guide me which would be the most appropriate statistics for data science course offered here in Coursera. 


Nice to be here and part of this community.


Thanks and Regards


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Hallo everyone. I m Hash@Hafsham from Malaysian. I m teacher. I m new here and hope everyone can help me more about IT, computer skill, software, databesed etc.

With the help of Coursera I have learnt how to manipulate the spreadsheet and do a few tasks. I know that all my goals will remain dreams if I do not complete this course. Therefore, I am committed to working smart and looking for opportunities that could help make my goals a reality. I remain persistent and diligent until I reach my career goals. I am grateful to find opportunities like this. It makes me feel that I am not alone on the journey of accomplishing my task.

Like meeting people🗺, traveling✈️, listening to music,🎶singing🎤climbing🏞cycling🚴‍♂camping🏕 indoor and outdoor games  etc. Enjoy learning new things and saving them in my knowledge 


Nice to meet u all.