New to the community? Introduce yourself here! [June 2021] | Coursera Community

New to the community? Introduce yourself here! [June 2021]

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Welcome to our community! 

This is a place for Coursera learners to connect with one another and help each other achieve their learning and life goals. 

We'd love to get to know you a bit better, so please reply to this post to introduce yourself! Here are a few ideas:

  • Where you're from or where you live now
  • What you're studying
  • Why you're studying
  • What your hobbies or interests are
  • What you’d like to get out of this community

Most of our community forums have their own introduction threads, so if you’re interested in a particular subject, be sure to check those out!

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Hi from Ohio i have a BS in Mechanical Engineering.  I am taking the IBM Data Science course. I knew about courses here for awhile and had taken one

i worked in operations research, AI and Neural Networks. I am Doing  a refresher course since I moved into programming and consulting. I Wrote and presented a couple papers at ORSA on neural networks and was editor of a federal monthly newsletter on AI.

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Hi, I discovered this platform to study Chinese language; however, the cutting-edge skills offer, made me face my anxiety problems -- ending in cluttering myself with courses and closing my first account. 

By exploring these courses, however, I later on also discovered some abstract level skills (such as Experiment Design, or Data Visualization along with Computational skills) which hinted me to going on in my personal search for self-organizational skills.

At the moment I could just develop a study system which joins multi-tasking and prioritization together with creative activity , and it is working -- actually for the first time, I am consistent in doing a single course. 

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Hello all! I am Rajveer Rathod, a second year computer engineering student at Birla Vishvakrma Mahavidyalaya, India. I have some expertise in content management and have an intermediate level programming knowledge. I am new to this community, looking forward to work with you all!


Saludos, por aqui Fabiola Solis Caballero, recien llegada a esta comunidad desde Caracas, Venezuela…
Aprendiendo a estudiar en linea gracias a Geek Girls Latam y Coursera, aunque entiendo el ingles y me ayudo con el traductor de google, espero conectar con estudiantes que hablen en español!! Seguimos aprendiendo!! Buen viaje a todos!!

Greetings, here Fabiola Solis Caballero, just arrived in this community from Caracas, Venezuela ...
Learning to study online thanks to Geek Girls Latam and Coursera, although I understand English and help me with the google translator, I hope to connect with students who speak in Spanish !! We keep learning !! Have a good trip everyone !!


Hi! Im Manish an aspiring data analyst.Im Enrolled in Google Data Analytics Specialization. Im usually a big questioner ,Looking forward to discuss my doubts with the Worlds big brains in the community.I sincerly thank coursera for providing such a world class platform.


Hi there Guys. I am Ahmed from Egypt .I work as a marine and cargo surveyor, and in fact I am seeking a career shift to this amazing field . for a long while I felt interested in digital marketing and data science, but mainly Data science. So I took Fundamentals of DM and here I am darting into DS. Wishing all of you good luck .. :))


Hello community members!

My name is Smita. I am from Mumbai, India. I graduated as an Electronics Engineer from University of Mumbai in November 2020. As soon as pandemic started, I started exploring other fields and grew a passion for Data Analytics. Since than (May 20) I have been learning to expand my knowledge & skillset.

Till now I have learnt from 15+ courses on Coursera and have completed two specializations. I am also a Tableau Desktop Specialist. Right now I am working on building my portfolio. I plan on learning Advanced Statistics, Machine Learning & AWS along the way.

I look forward to expanding my network with amazing people in this community, to grow & contribute to the growth of community.


Hello All ! 

I am Dominic, I work as a Solutions and Product Manager in a Technology firm based out of India. I am pursuing the UX Design Course. Excited to be part of this active community and start learning.





Holaaaa, I’m Pau from Colombia. Currently working as a UX/UI Jr in a tech company. I’m studying the Google UX Design Specialization thanks to Geek Girls Latam + Coursera. Excited to meet new students that also speak spanish!


Hello, I am from United States and known by many as Coach Jenkins.  I am a Basketball & Business Analyst. For the past 15 years, I have helped various Teams & Organizations establish Key Performance Indicators & leveragedata to enhance performance and profit.  I believe achieving my Google Data Analyst Certification will open more doors of opportunity for me, my family, and clients.


Holaaaa, I’m Pau from Colombia. Currently working as a UX/UI Jr in a tech company. I’m studying the Google UX Design Specialization thanks to Geek Girls Latam + Coursera. Excited to meet new students that also speak spanish!

Welcome to the group Pau ! 

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I am a mechatronics engineer who have been working as direction driller field engineer at Schlumberger for 8 years. Tech enthusiast who have been in love with programming for so long. Started by learning Arduino programming for my robotic arm project in college then learned about web development (HTML, CSS, JS), then learned some android development and created my own app (Cairo Tour).  Last year 2020 i was released from Schlumberger due to low operation during Covid-19 Pandemic.

I have been invited to participate in Data Science Professional program and i am now learning data science to shift my career towards data science field.

I have been interested in data science for so long and learned a few stuff about it but being invited to this program by NTL (NTL |Next Technology Leaders) is a big opportunity and i hope to make it worth it. 
I wish the best to all the other learners in the community. 

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My name is William. I am from the United States. Here’s a blurb about me from my bio:


| recently took a successful exit from a company I started as the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. In less than 2 years we had a multi-billion dollar valuation that only continues to grow. Now that I've taken my exit, I am transforming into, what is my passion, a Data Scientist. I look forward to learning and collaborating with others, as it would be awesome to be able to start generating contract revenue and/or join the next disruptive tech as either a founder, investor, contributor, board of director and/or adviser yet I am at the point in my career it would take a really special opportunity and company for me to become part of the operating company. Who know's what the future stores yet one thing I know is I need to get to studying versus continue to write about me... Lol 

Feel free to reach out… 





Hi !

My name is Tiffany and I'm from the USA.

I just enrolled in the ux design course.

I have a bachelors degree in Business administration with a focus in marketing. I want to build up my skills to land a career in creating and designing digital content. Since I have a passion for art and I'm very creative,  I believe this course will be beneficial.

 I recently self published a children book- I wrote and illustrated- called “Sugar Buggies”. The book was inspired by my daughter and the children who I worked with at the boys and girls club. During covid I had time to reflect on my goals and began exploring possibilities. I started a podcast -, and I have a website where I blog and write articles that highlights art, culture and community that become casualties to gentrification in inner cities. 

I’m ready to learn, grow, and open for new opportunities that I never ever thought were possible. Im very grateful for this platform in helping me realize that.


Hi everyone,


I’m Ridha Alayesh from Saudi Arabia. Currently, I’m a student at Australian National Unversity, and I wanted to learn more about business and marketing, so I decided to go and dive into Coursera specializations.


I’d love to meet new people so if you want to contact me for any reason, just hit me up.

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Hi, I’m Vinicius from Brazil. Currently finishing a PhD research related with User Experience in MOOCs. Actually, I would be glad to have the support of this community. I want to support the global education understanding better what is happening with the Massive Open Online Courses. You are part of this project if you, like me, developed your skills and knowledge through MOOCs and now want to help us to improve platforms like MOOCs to bring quality education to more people.

Be part of this study if you want to help future generations to keep achieve a better global education through MOOCs, like you ☺️

If you can support me answering a few questions, I will be tremendous happy: here the link


Thank you! I really appreciate your help.