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Hello , I'm Basant , 24 years old .
I live in Egypt specific in cairo .
I'm an Electrical Engineer , I love search , I think it's a mazing thing to learn more and more , plus my field require this .
I love sport , reading , cooking and helping people
Hello, my name is Rits. I'm originally from Japan🇯🇵 and have been living in UK 🇬🇧for the last 20 years. I just started the course 'Visual and Literary Culture in Nineteenth Century Japan '. I feel a bit weird to study my own culture in English😆 Anyone who are interested in Japanese culture, please give me a shout. Let's talk‼
Hi everyone! I'm Peter, I live in the United States, near Washington, DC. I am a manager for a major US railroad by trade. I studied finance and biology in undergrad and grad school, respectively. Needless to say, my interests are varied. I am curious, enjoy learning, and love discussion with my peers.
Hi, I'm Ivan Barron, from Mexico, currently studying Statistics with Python Specialization, I try to get a background in statistics before joining to "Applied Data Science With Python Specialization", I did take another courses in Statistics and Probability previously (on Coursera and in local universities), but without using a programming language, I currently work as Programmer, choose Python over R because I don't know R and I think that is a huge subject to learning good, I'm studying because my interest in Data Science, I think that finally catch what a Data Scientist means to be and so I'm pursuing this goal, my concerns are about my background and that I don't have a degree, I expect that I could utilize the knowledge acquired in this courses for get a better job or promotion and take an online degree, I see that Coursera (with the University of London) but also Tomas Edison State University offer online universities for working people to get a bachelor

My linkedin account is, you are welcome

I have few hobbies, sometimes reading, music or even playing videogames. I also play guitar

I'm Rahmat from India and I'm currently an undergraduate life science student with Genetics & Microbiology as core courses.I'm really interested in the field of Genetics because I feel that this forms the foundation for all other areas of life science.Especially in healthcare and research,if you can figure out a way to prevent the disease from spreading or stop it completely at the molecular genetic level,then there would be no patients or at least less there would be no extreme forms of a disease.But that is easier said than done which why there is so much scope for research and analysis in this field.I'm also hoping to take up Cancer Biology for my Masters program and Dr.Kenneth's course on Cancer Biology really helped to boost my interest in this field.

Well,that's all from me.Hope to interact a lot more with the community here and share our thoughts.As Coursera mentions,Happy Learning!


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