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Hello everyone!
My name is Aseel! I'm a computer engineering student from Syria. I've heard about Coursera for quite some time and this is my first time as a translator on this site. I've watched so far few courses and they are all so amazing and helpful!
Since i'm passionate about languages i find this a great chance to help others to get better in Arabic and English.
I believe everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Work assiduously and patience are the keys of success
The new community looks really good! Looking forward to being here more often!

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Hello, my name is Sang Han. I'm in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington, USA. I'm studying Web technologies such as NodeJS/Anguar/Vue/React etc. I'm studying them because they interest me and also it's a way to exercise my brain (use it or lose it). My hobbies are a little bit Tai Chi, a little bit of standing meditation, PC/Video Games, Reading, cooking, a little bit of Yoga, Nap times, etc. Thanks for reading!
Hello Everyone,
My name is Vincent Roquebert. I was born in France and I am living in Southern California. I have been a mentor for the UCSD Machine Learning course since May 2018. I have a keen interest in big data and python programming. My professional field is water and wastewater engineering. My interest in mentoring comes from mentoring young engineers for years and enjoying it very much. I am looking forward to learning from the Coursera mentor community.
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My name is Abdelfattah Hassan from Egypt - Resident in Saudi Arabia -I have Bachelor of Arts degrees in history - interested in studying accounting and personal development in business administration.
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Hi, everyone in this wonderful community,

Though a bit late, I am here.

I have been mentoring one course , Intro to Psychology, for about 2 years. I used to be a mentor in two more courses , but it turned out to be overwhelming for my everyday schedule.
Coursera is my passion ,and I studied ( without a certificate) several courses, Buddhism, Soul Beliefs, Psychology via Movies, Mentoring, E-moderating, Astrobiology, De-Mystifying Mindfulness. It has been such a great experience! I am practicing the language ( am not a native) , gathering cultural and inter-cultural knowledge and somehow boosting my life and professional development, trying to be useful and competent in what I do.

I am now a private teacher after having worked as a secondary teacher for many years. Decided to quit the secure job and took up the direction of my free will. So far so good.

Happy to say : "See you soon" !

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I live in Paris.
As an autodidact, coursera is a wealth of knowledge for me. Thanks to MOOC I can learn, efficiently, new skills.
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Hi friends, I am Madhu from Asst.Prof, ECE at Sreenidhi Institute of science and Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I am very happy join in the coursera, because I have benefited with various courses. I am delighted to be part of learning platform.
My name is Derick Odemba. I am a Kenyan citizen and I live in Kenya. I hold a BSc degree in Computer Science and I am currently studying Data Science in Stratified Healthcare and Precision Medicine here on coursera. And I will continue to take more courses in Data Science and Python programming. My interest in studying data science is to develop skills that can help me and other people in positions of managerial/executive decision making make evidence based decisions. Besides, I have also studied entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship on this platform. It is also important to note that I will study business courses particularly entrepreneurial strategic management and innovation in the future. As a technology entrepreneur, I find it necessary to develop my skills in these areas

My hobbies include reading non fictional books, topical issues on ICT4D, news on entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem development, traveling, site seeing and walking.
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Can simply can me Nash_TGC(The Global Citizen) am Ghanaian international student in China studying computer Application technology.
Aligned to Technopreneurship and a Social Entrepreneurship. A Data Science and Analytics enthusiast and a Master of Computer Application Technology Candidate concentration on
•Network Security technology
•Theory and Technology of Telecommunication Security •Public Opinion Monitoring •Digital Image Forensics and Identification •Block Chain Technology
•Privacy Preservation Technology
Experience with working in public, private and international volunteer organization.
Aside from my career and professional duties will enjoy using my experiences with determination to put smiles on faces especially the less privileged in society by using Technology and Innovation to Solve Complex but Basic life Problems.
Am currently on Applied Data Science course 2 aside successful completion of 8 courses of specialization on coursera.
As part of my hobbies i love to meet and socialize with new people across different backgrounds while enjoying to monitor international politics,economic, innovation and political trends.
Hello everyone!
I recently joined the community and I just wanted to briefly introduce myself.
  • I currently live in Kansas, USA
  • I am using Coursera to upgrade my skills in data science. I am very much interested in machine learning (theory and practice).
  • I am fascinated by space and astronomy in general.
I hope to visit often and contribute as much as I can to keep this community alive and vibrant.
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Hi there!

My name is Ron. I come from China and now I study physics and computer science at USC. I am very interested in programming especially R and Python.

I am also a mentor of the Building R packages course. Recently I got more time so I plan to mentor other courses in the Data Science specialization offered by JHU.

Glad to know you all and let's learn together!

Hello, my name is Sigrid. I grew up in Germany and now live in Australia. I have just started "The Age of Sustainable Development" and would like to join the translator community. My hobbies are reading, gardening, food, hiking, translating, volunteering in my community and keeping ignorance at bay by learning new things all the time! Look forward to getting to know this community of volunteers. Best Regards, Sigrid
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Welcome, @Sigrid! Thanks for your interest in translating. You can read about how to get started here: Join the Global Translator Community! To join the GTC, you can log in using your Coursera account here.
i want to learn more useful thing here hope i can find some also new mates here 🙂

if you find some also how i spend my time during my time i do blogging so if you want to drop my site check it out here Pinoytut
Hi everyone!

My name is Peace or Simi, whichever you prefer. I'm a Nigerian, living in Nigeria. I'm a lawyer, studying financial markets on Coursera. I'm looking to make a career shift into finance but I want to acquire as much knowledge as I can before making the big move! wish me luck!
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Hi everyone,

I am John, live in Denmark and I am half Phillipino/half Turkish though I have grown up here.

I have taken the first module in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate and want to complete all of them so I can work with IT.

Currently I am studying Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health which really helps me grow personally and I think that I will always work on becoming a better human since it is so easy to forget myself again and again and afterwards become sick.

This has been going on for many years now and I want to break this bad habit once and for all.

I am studying other courses also and it is important for me to constantly study so that I always will learn new things and never grow stale (and boring;)

My hobbies are making comics, videos and music and I meditate and walk daily and once a week take a good run also.

Remembering my health is so important since I have been sick for far too many years now.

I look forward to learning alot more and hopefully also meeting other Coursera learners.
Hello everyone

My name is Ola , I am from Syria
I studied psychology at Damascus university .
I work as PSS case manager ( Psycho-social support )
I love psychology a lot , It is my passion
I work as a trainer ( like PFA psychological first aid , PSS Psycho-social support )
nice to meet you all
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Hi All,
My name is Danijela and I am a learner and a mentor for Buddhism and Modern Psychology. Soon, I will be back to mentor De-Mystifying Mindfulness, after a period of absence from mentoring.
I am very glad that this space is created and that networking and discussions can continue even upon the course completion. 🤓
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My name is Henrique and I live in Brazil.

I am System Analyst of a large Oil and Gas Company (Petrobras S/A) and I already have some experience accumulated in this industrial branch, since I have been working for 34 years!

I'm fascinated by the AI ​​knowledge area, because I really like mathematics and statistics. When I'm studying AI I feel like I'm in University again ... and feeling so provides a great stimulus! Maybe because it makes me feel a litte bit younger...😉

My hobby? Table tennis and spanish guitar.

(Moved to the introductions thread by @Laura)
Hey! Lucky to find this space!

I am from China and currently live in Shanghai.
I love marketing, sales, traveling around.... and culture/civilization of human beings has always been a great interest to me!
Recently I am very curious about Israel, her people, education, history, etc. That's why I have been searching on Internet for information related. I have read some books about Israel and Mr. Yuval Harari's books are a lot of fun!

I am visiting Israel for a business/touring trip this year, hopefully late April and May. Wish to know this great country better~ and I expect to know many friends over there!

My Institute organizes a grand Forum on each September in China. We invite scholars, mentors, celebrities and independent lecturers from China and overseas, to exchange perspectives on Humanity/Future/Civilization/Culture in order to make life better for human beings. This year, I wish we invite more guests from Israel.

Last but not least, this course will definitely help me to know more about the great country, how lucky and happy I am! 😋

my Email: [email address removed]

(Email addressed removed by @Laura. Please send @Yi Ming from China a private message if you'd like to connect!)
Hi everyone! My name is Titi, am new on coursera. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I have registered for some courses: Human rights for societies, Child protection, Humanitarian response to conflicts & disaster courses, Gender & Sexuality, International Women health & human rights and Violence course. I got interested in all these courses to equip myself for the journey in Child protection to support my two schools here in Nigeria. One of the schools has been dedicated to support the community where it is located to ensure many children go to school in that community, especially for the poor and orphans who has no hope of going back to school due to the death of a parent or both or parents who could not afford to send their wards to a good school. In this journey, I have encouraged my old school mates in sponsoring some of these children to school, tagged "sponsor a child to school'' Since I could not do this alone. I have decided to set it up as an NGO which am putting finishing touches to at the moment. This is my own little way of giving back to my society.
Floated sport academics to occupy the children especially the boys in football. When they are not studying, they play football to occupy them completely in school. My own personal experience has been the supporting pillars to help these children in school. I got interested in courses that are similar to give me more knowledge, share ideas, read about what others are doing to have enough exposure in achieving the best in my chosen field.
My hobbies are: traveling, meeting people, sharing experience in similar field or situation, helping others, reading, watching movies, playing board games, adventure and dancing.
I'm Christian Tsieng from cameroon. I have been a mentor since 3 years . Nice to meet you all!


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