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I'm from Egypt and my work experience in teaching and vendor managment for localization companies.
Hola todos, espero que todo vaya encanta la lengua española. Me he registrado en cursera para aprender y traducir de él al árabe
Hi My Name is Sarina,

I live in Scotland and come from Germany, my Father is S American and my Mother is German - I view myself as an international resident. I am passionately interested in Nutrition and how we can help ourselves stay healthy or become healthy - without always turning to pharmaceutical solutions.

I have signed up for this course:
Gut Check: Exploring Your Microbiome
to help improve my knowledge and to help me get back to focussing on my Nutrition studies.

I would be happy making network connections around the world or closer to home. I speak German and English well, some French and a tiny bit of Spanish. I have only recently got into the world of science - 3 years ago whilst working as an IT analyst I did evening classes to get some basics in biology , afterwhich I studied for a higher national certificate in applied sciences to give myself some all round basic science knowledge.

I have lots of interests besides nutrition, such as art, reading, online computer games being a few of them.
Good luck with whichever course you have chosen:-)
Sarina. Have you read Gut (the inside story) by Giulia Enders? I'm not doing your course but found it fascinating.
I am Menna from Egypt . I am an editor in a volunteering site .
I work in psychology and science projects .
I know some Spanish an German .I am going to add to the site because this will build me
as a person .
You can connect with me [email address removed by @Laura].

(Note from @Laura: Please send Menna a private message if you would like to connect! Thank you!)
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Hi ,

My name is Aymen. i am study python for everybody in coursera. I like to learn python programming. My hobbies is learning more about IT.
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Hey All,

My name is Adam, from Syria and have been living in Lebanon about 10 years,
for a lot of reasons I had to leave School in young age,

but never give up on learning,
I love computing, and you all do great with what you love,
I just graduated from a Coding boot-camp last year,

and preparing to register BSc in computer science, I hope to get more friend who will be taking the same program,

My hobbies!: Coding, Reading/Learning, Play Guitar.
Thanks @Judith for the friendly nudge to make my way here to the new Community. Great to see both familiar and new names and faces!

The course I mentor is People Analytics with 3 Wharton Profs. Many of our Learners ask about courses in Data Sci and Stats, so I often refer them to other courses in these areas

I split my time between the UK (NE of London near Stansted) and Tucson, Arizona - the joys of airports and two very polarized countries. I'm unexpectedly in the UK for a while this winter as our cat is ill.
We are binge watching detective shows together 🙂

I'm part of a group here in the UK looking at the future of our/my field, executive coaching, particularly impact of tech. I love hearing about new apps and tools that can be used with or in lieu of coaching. Lots going on in this market. People Analytics has a good deal to contribute to coaching but isnt well connected to it yet

Always glad to get/give recommendations on fast workout music, cooking hacks and TV/movies from Spain and Latin America. Recent fav from Spain is La Peste, series 2 due out soon.

See you again soon!
Dear all

i'm Elvire Mensah from Benin base in Dakar and heard about coursera by a friend that i met a years ago in Kenya . I hear that it's possible to get a certification of my will here after enrolling myself . I'm business developer by profession for a company which is selling software but i would like to discover another domain or area.... .. Interested by social sciences ( gender equity those kinds of studies so that i could for an organisation ....kindly guys direct me ....

Regards .
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Hi @ISMENE ELVIRE MENSAH. I'm interested in social sciences and more specifically gender equity, too. Here are some courses that sound interesting!

Confronting Gender Based Violence: Global Lessons for Healthcare Workers
Children's Human Rights - An Interdisciplinary Introduction
International Women's Health and Human Rights

Have you visited Coursera's Social Sciences page? From here you can use filters to search for courses based on skills, level, and more. You can also do a search for key words.

You might want to create a new topic in the community asking for course recommendations related to your area of interest.
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Hi all,

I live in Toronto and was introduced to Coursera by a Professor when I was pursuing my Business Management. Since then I have worked couple of places for a few years now and had lost touch with Coursera. While browsing when I saw the opportunity to do something nice I quickly enrolled myself to the Beta Tester Community.
In my free time I like to do adventure sports, sometimes go to gym, network with people and finally love learning something new.
Would love to connect with the members on Linkedin, please mention that you belong to the coursera community while connecting.

Looking forward for an awesome 2019!

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Hi @Jenn81 and welcome to the Coursera community!

I recommend reading this post: Getting started in the Coursera community as it has a lot of good tips for newcomers.

Have you taken any Coursera courses yet? If not, you can check out the main website at There you can search for courses based on your interests.
Hi everyone,
My name is Joedaphnnee E, Metayer. This is the first course that i am taking in Coursera. As a matter of fact, it is the first course that I ever taken on line. So far, I found the course very interesting and educative. I live in Miami and I am a teacher at Dade County Public school. Please review my essay that I have submitted and let get some feedback.
I'm a native Californian studying tv/screenwriting. I have degrees in political science and law. My hobbies are surfing, swimming, sailing, reading, cooking and local history.
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Hello Everyone!
I am Aditi Parikh from beautiful city of Udaipur in India. I am a writer hidden behind an engineer. I have a bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from Jaipur.
Currently I am studying Script writing from Michigan University(Online). I am doing that course for my obvious interest in writing and I want to explore different forms of writing. I would be glad if you all introduce me to some amazing courses in writing. I have also done some courses in data science from John Hopkins university and loved it.
My hobbies consist of blogging, reading books and playing musical instruments. I write on medium.
Link for the same is : Aditi_Parikh_On_Medium
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Hi @joedaphnee01. Welcome to the Coursera community! This community has members from all different courses, so you'll need to post in your course discussion forum to request feedback on your essay.
hi,my name is Teresa。lives in China,i get rid of the effects of deep depression。and love music,music save me from the darkness。yes,music has soul,can love people。people need love。
so i use music to save myself,use the psychology knowledge to save myself。
so i believe whatever the darkness we people meet,we still can not give up the hope of light and the world is full of light ,too
I am Sam Livingstone from the Republic of Liberia. currently I am reading Public Health at the undergraduate level. I love reading books for amusement and information. Hope my stay on this platform will enhance my quest of knowledge.
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My first Coursera course was in 2012. I have now completed more than 100 online courses, most of them through Coursera. I am constantly fascinated by the range of topics available!

Science MOOCs, particularly biology and ecology are my favourites, but I enjoy many other subjects as well.

When I started my online learning journey I didn't expect to connect with people all around the world. I imagined myself sitting at the computer watching videos, taking notes, and answering exam questions. The course discussions were an unexpected bonus for me. They helped fill a social void that I didn't realize was there.

I have created a blog about online learning, and now have part-time work helping others discover the world of MOOCs.
Welcome, @Pat B. I just now visited your blog. It's wonderful and your list of completed courses is awesome. Thanks for sharing! 🙂
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Thank you, @Maryam! It's great getting to know you 🙂
First of all, I would like to salute everyone .... I am Gerald HYPPOLITE, Geographer and Manager. I live in Haiti, all the pleasure is mine to meet this new family . I hope to be enjoy in learning.
Hello! My name is Tiffany and I am an LPC in North Carolina. I've worked with addicted and mentally ill clients for over 20 years now and truly love what I do. I have a husband who travels for a living, which is challenging at times with fourteen year old (fifteen this month) twins (boy/girl) but we are a close knit family and they truly are my joy. My time with them, either all together or individually is one of my favorite "fill ups" in self-care.
I consider myself a "lifelong learner".....not necessarily in the way of continuously pursuing degrees, but in the sense that I am ever and always fascinated by the way we human beings think and behave and how we can learn to do both in healthier ways and in ways that can bring us more joy.
I've known about Positive Psychology for a very long time, but have never been immersed in it and find myself drawn to it right now.....I am a person who tends towards optimism and try to pass that on to my clients, but also to my family. When I saw this course, it just clicked that this was the right time for me to explore it further:)
Hi Dudes,

I'm a CS Undergraduate🎓 @UCD, Ireland.
currently, most of my studies made me busy with Bits & Bytes 👨💻
And I'm really Interesting about Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing whatever related to Software Development Field,
pls don't treat me a geek 😂😂
well, I really enjoy my life with traveling, making friends, learning new stuff, playing Cricket, Rugby, Volleyball etc.

looking forward to making a great time with you guys here,
Kudos everyone 😍
Hi guys and gaals, I am Rohan Pal, an undergraduate engineering student from Kolkata,India, studying at KIIT, Bhubaneswar as a freshman right now. I am pursuing Mechanical engineering and Computer Science.

My focus right now is to advance my career on graphic design. I love to design for the reason that I can express myself and my ideas and construct them into beautiful things that can actually solve problems for many people. I love the idea about thinking design to solve problems.

I am also a writer and have great interest in the automation industry. I am presently working on to develop my skills in Machine learning. Looking forward to communicate and help out as many people as I can.

Thank You


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