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Hello everyone,

My name is Junior Cephas MBUYI, I am from the Kinshasa, Congo (DRC). I'm a Mentor in Database Management Essentials and Learner in 3 Specializations: Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence by University of Colorado System, Data Science by Johns Hopkins University and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by University of California, Davis.

I like to meet people, I like to learn, I like to keep in touch with people: my LinkedIn profil
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Hello all,

What fun to have a new medium/community to dive into, it even has that new smell 🙂 My name is Robert Smith and I now live in Bristol after spending a few years abroad. After dabbling in Coursera courses over the years I finally took the plunge and did the deep learning specialisation, starting about this time last year, and am now a mentor on the sequence modeling course.
Claire wrote:

Welcome to our community!

This is a place for Coursera learners to connect with one another and help each other achieve their learning and life goals.

We'd love to get to know you a bit better, please introduce yourself! If you're stuck for things to say, here are a few ideas:

  • Where you're from or where you live now
  • What you're studying
  • Why you're studying
  • What your hobbies or interests are

I am from Toronto, Canada. I am planning to enrich my career as Software Technical Trainer with additional expertise as Data Scientist. I am doing Data Scientist course, have completed first 2 modules and now at third Module learning Data Cleaning module. Watching Indian movies and doing Yoga are my hobbies.
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Hello, everyone.
I'm Desman from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have been taking courses in Coursera since 2012. My first course was Introduction to Sociology by Princeton University. Coursera was still on beta version at that time. I am currently one of the mentor in Business Model Canvas course.

Lately, I have not take any courses since I am doing my Ph.D., but I will always try to learn something here when I am free.

Nice to meet you all!
I am Ivaldo Tributino, I am from Brazil but currently I live in Vancouver-Canada. My background is in pure math, I spent a third of my life studying and working in universities as an undergraduate, graduate student, instructor and researcher.

Earlier this year, I started a mobile application development course in Vancouver. Very different from what I had been doing. Every time I commented about my past, people asked me what I was doing there and they advised me to study something more related to my formation, such as Data Science: statistics, machine learning.

So, in my free time I started to watch on youtube the Machine Learning course of Professor Andrew Ng, recommended by my current teacher. But in the fifth video I gave up, maybe because of the fatigue from my work and course. However, one day I received an email informing about a machine learning course with the same teacher Andrew Ng at Coursera. I decided to take a look and start doing, so I fell in love.

I finished the course and today I am taking the Deep Learning specialization - Andrew Ng. In addition, I have two opportunities to delve into the subject, through my final project, where we intend to implement some machine learning algorithms, such as recommendation system, and work with a friend, who will use machine learning in his thesis. I wish I had more time to study this subject. And so have more opportunity in this area, through a job or a master's or doctorate scholarship.
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Hi everybody,

My name is Tanja, and I am the community manager for Centre for Innovation, Leiden University in the Netherlands, which perhaps some of you are familiar with. We have partnered with Coursera since 2013. We run our own volunteer programme but of course it overlaps with Coursera. I also work for SDG initiative,which is 17 university partners of Coursera working on social impact.

I have a personal background in history, role playing games and running online communities which is why I am priveledged enough to be Leiden's first Troll hunter. I have 3 children in the age of 14, 16 and 23 but still very much young of mind.

Kind Regards,

Community Manager Leiden University

P.S. If you are going to London april 2019, please lets meet for coffee!
Hi, I´m Antonio from Brazil. I joined Coursera community in the very beggining and made many courses until now. All of them are very dense and not easy to finish.
Actually, I´m a Data Scientist at Samsung but I´m always searching to improve my knowledge, even making courses about something that I already know because I think that´s the better way to check any lack of knowledge.
In my free time I like to go to cinema and do Radio controlled Airmodeling.
I´m a Bachelor in Computer Science and studying Physics to be an Astrophysicisyt.
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My name is Alaa Essam, from Egypt.I was Graduated from Faculty of commerce Ain Shams major accounting "English section".I Plan to acquire CMA Certificate ASAP, It should post my career as I hope when I acquire it.
I'm interested in Computer stuff and Freelance jobs "I didn't get one yet, But I hope to have one soon"
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Hello everyone, my name is Joan and the pleasure is mine to be a part of this lovely community! I have stumbled upon Coursera years ago and I've found it to be a very motivating learning space! So motivating indeed that I have finished the Creative Writing Specialization and I am currently mentoring Craft of Character.

I am from the Philippines, but I've been based in London for nearly five years now. My hobbies include reading, yoga, zumba and of course revisiting my first love - writing! I hope to help shape this community into a positive driving force of learning and support.
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Hello Coursera community,

Hope you all are doing well.

Firstly I would like to thank @Claire for the opportunity to introduce myself and majorly to the Coursera and the following community to give me this opportunity to learn, grow and enhance my skill set.

My name is Kartikay Shastri and I'm from India. I'm an MBA working in a small Retail/E-commerce organization with more than 3 years of experience as a Business Development Executive. I'm looking forward to enhancing my skill set and add value to my life and others as well.

I recently resigned from my current organization in order to build my career in Dubai, UAE in preferred industries like Wealth Advisory, Real Estate or Portfolio Management, which is why I have taken the course of Investment and Portfolio Management Specialization.

Apart from my academics and career I'm a reader, writer and a lifelong learner and love to connect with people around.

I look forward to the interactions between the community members.

Warm regards,
Kartikay Shastri
My name is Adoración Morante, I'm a Spanish architect and a passionate of design in all its ways. I was invited a few weeks ago to be a mentor for the course Human Centered Design: an introduction. I'm sure that it will be a great experience with all of you and to be part of this great learner´s community.
@Robert , “even has that new smell”...
. You have so made my day with this hilarious yet poignant comment. It is good to meet you. I have heard many good things about “deep learning”.
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Hello world!

I'm Keshen and I come from Malaysia. I'm currently studying at Curtin University (Malaysia Campus) and a Coursera Mentor for the "Introduction to Forensic Science" course by Nanyang Technological University.

I am always stoked to discuss anything related with Data Science, AI, Computer Science and IT.

It's great to be able to connect with all of you on this platform. May you guys have a splendid day ahead!

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Hello Keshen,

Good to know that you are a fellow mentor too and to know about your interests. We have another forum exclusively dedicated for Introduction which you can find here.

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Respected Ma'am/Sir,

I'm Kumar currently working one of the NGO which is serving on career and guidance to remote level, rural students. I'm kindly requesting you regarding basic fundamental technical things to learn, actually I'm from BCom Computer and Master of social work background, please any one help me to growth technical aspects.

(Moved by @Laura to the New to the community? Introduce yourself here! topic)

Hi @KALVALA KUMAR. Thanks for joining the Coursera Community!

Could you provide a little more information about what sort of guidance you are seeking?

For example, you mention your background in computers and social work. Are you looking to develop new skills/knowledge in these subject areas or in different subject areas?
Hi @Charlotta Sofi Ryden ! So good to see you here. Isn’t this a lovely place?
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A useful place for learners to learn and connect. Let me first introduce my self

  • I'm from Pakistan and lives in Lahore
  • I'm studying different certificate courses
  • I'm studying to enhance my skills, knowledge
  • I'm social, community developer and love networking
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Judith wrote:

Hi @Charlotta Sofi Ryden ! So good to see you here. Isn’t this a lovely place?

Absolutely loverly!! 😃
HI everyone
My name is hiba I'm from tunisia and I'm a new member here. Nice to meet you all
I'm a law student and this my first year in the university. I want to improve my English so I can benifice of exchange program and to be able to participate in conferences and international organisations. I want to get power to express easily and join debates
Thank you
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Hello eveyone!

I am an self/community/enterprise transformation enthusiast and practitioner, a human systems dynamics catalyst and facilitator. I join this course because I am designing online content to create awareness in tackling today's complexity and uncertainty of the 4th Industrial Revolution. If you have an interest in this subject please join my discussion forum in G+, LinkedIn or Facebook.

My memorable learning experiences are those when I gain an unexpected insights or perspectives from a fellow learner or coach. Because I have had so many of these experiences in the past, dialectical research or thinking is now my default position rather than an exception.
Hey I am Aditya Raman
I am from Bangalore, India. I am studying Data Structures and Machine Learning here on Coursera. I am doing Bachelor of Engineering with Computer Science as my specialisation in second year. It is very nice to be connected with you all. I hope I find some new friends to discuss the things and together we can make projects. Please mail me your details at [email removed by @Laura] if you want to get connected with me. Thanks
Linkden username: ramanaditya

(Edited by @Laura to remove email address; please send Aditya a private message if you'd like to connect!)
adityaraman wrote:

Hey I am Aditya Raman
I am from Bangalore, India. I am studying Data Structures and Machine Learning here on Coursera. I am doing Bachelor of Engineering with Computer Science as my specialisation in second year. It is very nice to be connected with you all. I hope I find some new friends to discuss the things and together we can make projects. Please mail me your details at [email removed by @Laura] if you want to get connected with me. Thanks
Linkden username: ramanaditya

(Edited by @Laura to remove email address; please send Aditya a private message if you'd like to connect!)

Thanks for the suggestions
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I’m Augoustinos from Greece. Born, many-many years ago, and grew up in its capital, Athens. In 2003 (preparing the Olympic Games then) Athens got too crowded, noisy and unbearable. I decided then to move to a quiet, rural, attractive to visitors and picturesque place. I’ve never regretted. I joined and enjoyed a rural life together with an urban life, as well. I’d had everything I needed, and the MOO Courses little later added me the knowledge I’d been thirsty for.

Coursera came as the tip of the top. Learner as, Mentor and B-test engagement gives me the sense of breathing the air of Universities campus, where I had had my wonderful teenage years. Together come, the touch in studies evolution, the scientific up-to-date experience, the contact with new people, the sense that we do something useful are fascinating outcomes that complete my needs.

Actually, those needs had been according to my life till then, where as full time journalist, used to be extremely busy, active, and the many different levels contacts had filled up my 24 hours schedule. (It's hard to get used alone to a room, afterwards).
So, Coursera provides me, apart the needed knowledge, the open window of the outer world set to my microcosm.

Hobbies that I’ve kept till now are, visual Arts, drawing cartoon & caricatures, for my participation to world contests, poetry, reading and writing, music as always, and... seeking of quite places where only soul realizes its nudity.

Obliged as I felt, after being four to five years here, I proceeded into this brief confession with some obvious signs of verbalism and thank you for the opportunity.

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Hi all. I’m ‘Lola from Nigeria, I live in Nigeria. I mentor the course ‘Global diplomacy: United Nations in Focus’. I’ve been a mentor for six months now. I teach philosophy, specifically Ethics, I am passionate about bioethics. I am a volunteer enthusiast, I champion the causes of children and women. As a volunteer, I teach Street children in a rehabilitation center the Geneva Conventions on Child’s Right in a child friendly way. I’m conducting a feasibility study for an International NGO working against human trafficking that wants to establish in Nigeria. I’m rounding off studies for a doctor of philosophy in philosophy. On the look out for postdoc opportunities.

I love reading, studying. I’m currently studying the following courses: Science of beer, Effective altruism, Le Bien, le Juste, l’Utile, Research ethics, and Social psychology. I am a philomath, I just take on any subject that I desire to deepen my knowledge on or I want to learn. I like to think of myself as a budding polymath. I’ve completed over 30 courses from 3 learning platforms since last November that I discovered MOOC.

I love long walks, I love intellectual discussion. I desire to travel the whole world. I love learning cultures, sampling cuisines and meeting people. Some things about me that are not on my resume or CV is that I am ambidextrous. LoL. Also that I love to eat boiled egg, fried chicken and that I enjoy sleeping and would like to have a set of triplet.

What is that one thing about you not on your resume? Nice to e-meet you all.

HOT is an acronym for my full name.


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