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New to community , introduction

  • 2 August 2019
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Hi all, I am Richard from Cape Town South Africa, in my 50's I am re-birthing for the next 20 years, the first skill I need is the course I am currently doing is "Learning how to learn" what a great 1st week. I need to tell you that I was a bit scared because of I am not on any socials media because of my current passion keeps me busy. I am preparing for my next level of living a purposefull and passionate life.

22 replies

@DickJoe It is a good course!
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@Lochcarron Thanks for response, it looks like I am going to complete the 4 weeks in 1 week
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Welcome to the Coursera Community, @DickJoe! In case you haven't seen it already, you can meet some of our other community members here: New to the community? Introduce yourself here! You'll find many other lifelong/passionate learners here!

By the way, I lived in rural South Africa (western part of the Mpumalanga province) from 2006–2008. I had the opportunity to visit Cape Town twice during my time there. It's a unique city!
I just heard that Cape Town is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the whole world! It’s so good to meet you,@DickJoe .
@Laura , what an amazing experience you must have had to have lived there. Now I understand why you know music from that region. 😀
Good work! Are you using some of the study and memory tips?
My husband lived and worked in South Africa for a few years, close to Kruger. Over the past 25 years he was there many times for work, also in Botswana, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. We both lived in Zimbabwe in the 80s. Also a lovely country then.
Enjoy ‘collecting’ knowledge!
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@Laura Thanks for the advice, it would be great to meet peers with similar LV. Any advice on courses to improve self- discipline I have recently work through the Alux YouTube video 15 Steps to Master Self-discipline

@Judith Good to meet you to Judith. Imagine waking up and having a view Table Mountain one of the worlds Seven Wonders from your bedroom. I appreciate my Life.

@Lochcarron I am really enjoying the cutting edge approach and is executing habit 7 of Dr Coveys classic “Sharpening the saw” Personal development is a continuous WIP and I am trying each tip and if it works will include it in my arsenal.
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@Laura Thanks for the advice, it would be great to meet peers with similar LV. Any advice on courses to improve self- discipline I have recently work through the Alux YouTube video 15 Steps to Master Self-discipline

Here are just a few courses that you may enjoy:

The Science of Success: What Researchers Know that You Should Know

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity

The Science of Well-Being – you can read what other community members have said about this course here: Course of the Week: The Science of Well-Being.
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I am a self taught man in form of computer knowledge ,.I don't have a graduate degree i got sick in the final years of my Bachelor's degree so I had to drop it out as later when I tried to give the entire syllabus changed .I wish to excel at my studies and be different from myself first.I am here to learn from others, as to learn from the Brilliant minds in here in to learn think and adapt.
Greetings, my name is Donato Diele, I am from Melbourne Australia and manage a private consulting practice in a suburb of Melbourne West. I am a mental health counsellor in Psychotherapy. I have joined this study provider to keep up to date my academic knowledge and learn new skills.
Greetings, My name is Frank Mwonga from Nairobi Kenya. This is my sixth year since my graduation B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. After 6 years as a Technical supporter and trainer in Consumer Electronics field, I've discovered that every consumer Electronics manufacturer is now investing in their in-house tech or partnering with Big Tech one way or another (LG with Google Assistant for their new Home speakers, Smart AI in the New OLED Wallpaper TVs, Samsung with Bixby and so much more... So my enrolling for this certification was a no-brainer. I took this course to improve my skills in preparation for the fourth Industrial Revolution - the Second Machine Age.
My name is Preeti Maharjan. I am from Nepal. Currently, I am studying Masters of Public Health at The University of Adelaide. I did my Masters in Medical Micrbiology from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. I worked for Mycobacterial Research Laboratories, under The Leprosy Mission Nepal ( a charity funded organisation) for 4.5 years as "Research Technical Officer'.
Hi Team, I am Darus a passionate Liberian who is curious in learning new skills. I am currently exploring my bachelor degree in education with emphasis in school administration. additionally, i have some basic knowledge on project management with monitoring and evaluation skills.
However, i am optimistic of developing and exploring new idea that will help in me my professional development.
Hey! My name is Vijay and I'm from India. I love learning about marketing, its concepts, strategies and implementation. I learned a lot from here and there and now going for MBA in marketing next year.
I like to keep learning something always-maybe a form of art, maybe computer program and now indulged in learning different topics online, mainly Coursera.
If you have any suggestions for courses in marketing, please do let me know. And if I can help you in anyway, let me know.
Please connect with me in LinkedIn

Gad to be a part of this community.
Best wishes to all
My name is Faseeha and I am from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.I have done my MS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics.. I am 25 and by profession I am a dietitian.I have chosen the course of understanding obesity. I have joined this community and Coursera to learn more about my field and get experienced. Interaction with new ones will be challenging for me because I am a little bit selectively social. Any how i ll try my best to learn this course in enthusiastic way... I believe if you do not do the mistakes you do not learn.. I want to get a doctorate degree in human nutrition and dietetics.
Faseeha Aman ☺

hi , MY name is MONA .I AM Egyptian .live in Italy now.i graduated from the faculty of arts which department of ancient European civilizations.i studied it cause i was fond of history and old languages .like Latin and ancient Greek .but not only  Latin and ancient Greek but also i studied Italian and modern Greek.after it i studied diploma of education .i worked as a teacher of Italian more than 8 years . i made par time job as a teacher of English I like reading about history , searching,writing ,music  


Hi! Am Margaret from Lesotho. I have been with coursera for almost three years now. I have greatly benefited from this platform and would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH coursera for this great service.

I am an Accountant with an MBA as well and currently am running my own consultancy. 

I have taken courses in strategic management that have been of immense help, plus other business courses.

As of now, am doing social marketing specialisation and enjoying every bit of it.






I am Mustapha Sifa from Morocco. I work as a teacher in high school.  I am a student in Coursera for about a week. I am studying programming to start a new career as a developer. I am happy to be among you and I am ready to collaborate with the community of Coursera.



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Thanks for response, it looks like I am going to complete the 4 weeks in 1 week


GREAT JOB ! Keep up the good work!



I’m Dira. I’m from Ixtapa Guerrero. I’m  in my 30’s. I joined the course of Phychology. I’m doing this to expand my knowledge.



I am Zohaib from Karachi, Pakistan. I enrolled in coursera to improve my data science skills as I m in the process of setting up of a Start up and therefore need some technical skills to start with.


Hi there! My name is Ilse. I’m currently 29 yo and living in the amazing Mexico City. I enrolled in Coursera to expand my knowledge regarding my working scope which is Management. I’m the Country Brand Manager for Nudestix in Mexico which is a beautiful makeup brand. Since I joined the company, our sales have been increasing significantly which I why I wanted to increase my knowledge and apply it to the business to keep creating success stories. 

I’m joining this community right in the center of the COVID-19 pandemic using my free time to improve my skills.


Greetings everyone

My name is Donato Ruben Diele from Bacchus Marsh Victoria Australia.

I am 63 years old male, born in Gravina in Puglia South of Italy, migrated to Melbourne Australia in July 1969 with mother and father with six other siblings. We settled in Moonee Ponds and then moved to West Sunshine in 1972 Victoria and began a new life in this wonderful country Australia. I am the third older child, one older brother, and one older sister and four younger sisters. We all went to school according to our age to primary and secondary schools including my father and mother to English classes to learn the language and to adopt the new culture. My father was a great influence in my life, he was involved with the community and also with the local council and the Victorian Government and a representative of Italians migrants in Australia and Italy and an artist and great humanitarian. I came from a family deeply rooted in the community that we lived in and wanted so much to be part of it. 

I am now a Multicultural Ambassador for Mental Health Foundation Australia. The journey that led me to become a Multicultural Ambassador for MHFA started, because of the great influence that I had from my father and the personal experience caring for family members with mental health illness. This personal experience has driven me to become an advocate for better mental health and awareness and offer support for sufferers and the caregiver and to abolish stigma and ignorance. We all fear what we don’t know. This position means a lot to me and to see that mental health is well promoted among all cultures and well understood among, communities, indigenous, gender, race, languages, and multicultural groups.

I am now an active member of Carers Victoria Australia, Accredited Member of Mental Health First Aid Australia, and a member of Beyond Blue, member of Red Cross Australia, member of Careline Connection Team, Counsellor Psychotherapist at Bethel Counselling Services. These appointed positions are my passions and driving force in life, I made this my calling in life to see that mental health is well promoted among all cultures, indigenous, gender, race, languages, and multicultural groups and understood. Regards, Donato R Diele Melbourne Victoria.