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new comers asking

  • 1 September 2019
  • 3 replies

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Hello ,, I'm mohamed form Egypt . i'd like to learn from you
How can I get free courses to improve speaking, conversation and fluency in English ?
please help me if you can because I get tired of participation in courses her and I can't finish because I can't create an Elevator Speech online
and Thanx all

3 replies

Hi @MohamedSadaqah. Welcome! Many of the Coursera courses offer an audit mode. You can audit the courses for free. You can also pay for them to get Course Certificates or apply for Financial Aid. Would you like to take a Coursera course that covers the "elevator speech" skill?
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Thank you for interst
I want to know what's my level ?
I want to make friends to make online conversation
To improve my skills in ready, listening & fluency
Could you help me..
Sorry for these mistakes in my reply
I tell you I'm still weak and i have decided to improve my self generally and my speaking skills is the first step by coursera
It's great that you're trying to achieve these goals.

1- I'd suggest that you take a look at this thread: Trying to learn English
They seem to be pursuing the same goals. You can team up with them. It looks like they've mentioned this Specialization. Its first course could meet your needs.
2- You can also team up with this member in this thread: Practicing English

Then, you could consider taking the following courses or Specializations:

Personally, I have not taken them. I translated the first one and found it very interesting.

I hope these help.