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  • 23 April 2021
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Hello, I am Paskali. I joined the Networking Community Forum some months ago. However, it has come to my concern and ask for help from any one of you. As a networking candidate of Coursera, I would like yo ask for support from anyone who is willing to help. I completed my course after applying for financial aid because my financial background is weak. However, my parents weren't able to raise the amount if money that was being asked for. After the support from Coursera, I was able to finish and get a certificate which I must say, I'm happy and great for it. I know most of you come from a background where you got financial support from your parents or even by yourselves. The thing am asking for help is so big to me but to some of you, might be just a token of which I really appreciate. I would like to ask a help of achieving a laptop. Having one has been my dream since last year when I got passion of doing some technological courses just as Networking. So, I am hereby, asking for some help, to acquire a new laptop. Anyone willing to help, don't hesitate to reply. Thanks and be blessed in advance. 

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