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My Introduction

  • 26 July 2020
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My name is Taiwo Awe, I recently completed the IBM data science professional certificate. I have a degree in Geology and a masters in Leadership and Management from York St John University, United Kingdom. My interest in data science revolves  round the ability to solve problems with data, hence my decision to make a foray into the field. 

My plan is  to have a PhD in Data Science within the next five years.  

Presently, I live in Lagos, Nigeria and I’m open to work as a Data Scientist any where in the world.

My interest is in research and writing. I’m married with two kids.  

4 replies


Hi, I'm Oluwatobi Philip. I tried finishing my course but I can't pay for the course using my Debit Card. Getting an error message

* Your bank declined the payment.

How did you go about paying for the courses?

You response will really go a long way

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Just use a mastercard that is funded. that’s all


I use a UBA master card. I had to go to bank to complain. Nothing was done. Tried all my cards, they all declined.

Also had to register on PayPal for it to work...but it didn't. 

I don't know what to do


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I think it only works on mastercard. You are using a visa card.