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MOOCs instead of a bachelor

  • 14 August 2019
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Hi everyone:) I getting into the topic of MOOCs right now. I am curious if anyone of you is taking part in online courses instead of a study/bachelor?
If yes, how are your experiences so far?

Thanks already!


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Hello Maya, and welcome to Coursera!

I will try to answer though I don't know your interests and where you are from.

As it might be tempting to only do MOOCs to build a solid skillset on the domain you would like to work in, I still suggest that you complete any form of formal Bachelor's degree. If you cannot afford it, it is fine, there are some cool projects out there like University of the People, which is online and tuition free, as well as some reputable ones (if you happen to speak German, there is University of Hagen, which is a state German university providing free distant education).

The problem with MOOCs right now is the perception as well as the inability of HR to access the performance. Perception is based on variety of factors, starting from moving people's CVs that don't have Bachelor to the end of the list or not considering them at all. This is due to that in order to enroll to MOOC you don't need things that you need to enroll in Bachelor's - high school diploma, good grades for reputable Bachelors. A Bachelor's degree from a fine university is an easy way for a company to filter candidates without going in depth - they don't have time looking at each portfolio of completed projects of every candidate. You will have hard time finding a good internship position as well as starting the career, and also more problems climbing that career ladder. I advise you to make yourself a favor - a Bachelor's degree will give you a headstart ahead of people without one (given that skills are similar).

There are endless opportunities even if you don't want to do any formal Bachelors - taking ACCA and getting professionally certified in Applied Accounting is what I currently do for instance. Having studied in a German business school for two years on a scholarship, I then had to move back to my home country and start working so I had little opportunity to study in a normal setting - ACCA solved by problem. Now, I will get my BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from a university in top #400 in the world. If accounting and finance is your thing - I advise you join me! There are a lot of opportunities to study yourself and get help from Accounting courses on Coursera.

In some countries, like Britain, you can do a three years apprenticeship which will give you RQF Level 6 Diploma - professional equivalent to Bachelor's degree whilst earning salary and getting experience - try a program like Software Engineering Apprenticeship at Bloomberg.

Coursera has some very nice Bachelors degrees, but these come at the cost... MOOCs from Coursera are a great accompanying material for your degree or a perfect tool to build domain expertise in corresponding areas, e.g. I am studying Accounting as Bachelor's and at the same time learning mostly about applications of Data Science in Finance at Coursera.

Anyways, I hope I helped you and I wish you to be successful regardless of the path you choose!