Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays/Season’s Greetings 2018! What Keeps You Going? Movies &/Or Musicals? | Coursera Community
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Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays/Season’s Greetings 2018! What Keeps You Going? Movies &/Or Musicals?

  • 21 December 2018
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Hi everyone,

As the year comes to an end, and before we all (or some of us) go on holidays, I would like to appreciate everyone for keeping this amazing community active with informative discussions/ideas/posts/threads.

I feel deeply honoured to be part of such great learners, and I would like to use this medium to wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holidays/Season’s Greetings and a Very Prosperous New Year. 🎀🌲🎁

For those of us that are bereaved, please accept my sincere condolences. May peace and comfort find you during this difficult time. Please stay strong because whenever you lose someone you love, you gain an angel you know.

I have done two Christmas cards for you:

I’m sorry I couldn’t make a card with an accompanying music, hope it still made you smile.

What are your favourite musicals and movies by genre? Which do you enjoy/prefer; going to the movies OR seeing the movie in the comfort of your home?

As for me, I enjoy seeing movies on big screens and that's why I prefer going to the movies (especially with friends) to seeing it at home. I’ve seen a couple of movies and I enjoyed them, such as: “What Lies Beneath”, “The Johnsons”, “Resident Evil”, “Merlin”, “Titanic”, “The Parent Trap”, “Tinsel”, “Jurassic Park”, “The Sound Of Music”, “Jenifa’s Diary”, “Everyone Hates Chris”, “The Wedding Party”, “Troy”, “The Wizard Of Oz”, “Robocop”, “Dreamgirls”, etc. I also like documentaries like, National Geographic, History, Nat Geo Wild, Discovery channels and Animal Planet.

Among movies, my favourites are cartoons namely: Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Cinderella, Flushed Away, Frozen, Ice Age, Incredibles, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rango, Ratatouille, Rio, Shrek, The Lion King, Zootopia, …, …, …, the list is endless. I love cartoons… the accompanying melodies never fail to fascinate me. 😍

In addition to this, Music is the language of my soul, and I feed my soul with it every single day. From pop, blues, R&B, instrumental, gospel, acapella, traditional, highlife (hi-life), makossa, afrobeat, afro-pop, country, classical, soul music, rock, reggae, etc. I really love listening to anything melodious but the genre of music I listen to depends on my mood. Music changes my mood; I could switch moods by mere listening to it. In fact, Music is my companion… I breath music!

What about you? What keeps you going? I would love to hear from you.

Thank you. 😊 https://

8 replies

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Thank you so much Terry for starting this lovely seasonal thread and for all your wonderful contributions and help in the forums too. I feel deeply honored getting to know you too. How very thoughtful of you to remember our bereaved ones this season. We were just talking about it around me how difficult it must be for them. I love the way you expressed, “for every loss you gained an angel you know.”

Our family indeed went through a big loss on Christmas Eve some years ago as well. It really was very hard to get over it for a long time but thankfully some of our family members managed to turn it into a kind of memorial event for our loved one as well as focusing on the true meaning of Christmas. Naturally, it is important to grieve the appropriate amount of time as one needs and express all the emotions. It is also important to be able to carry on with life afterwards. When we get together with close family and friends, we do remember them by sharing stories we have with them regularly, especially in such seasonal times.

In fact talking about this brings me back to another theme of your wonderful thread: the movies: I would like to highlight “Sleepless in Seattle” once again (which I had mentioned in a post in the past) for those who may be grieving this season and “Jack & Sara.” Nobody can replace our departed loved ones; they will always be cherished in our hearts and memories. Yet, these movies also beautifully portray, there is always hope even after such big losses in our lives.

I love the ecards you shared with us! Thank you, they are so cute! I already shared one in Lillian’s (@Lillian) wonderful thread but here is a another one for Christmas:
and another one for Hanukkah:
The more the merrier!

I like both going to the movies to particularly to see fantasy or action movies in big screens like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond kind. But certain others are good to watch in the cosines of our home too with others to comment together. The Nutcracker ballet, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas are among our favorites to watch during this season. I also saw "what lies beneath," "The parent trap" "The sound of music" among the movies you mentioned and liked them too.

I don’t know much about cartoons apart from "The Ice Age" and "The Lion King" and The Simpsons of course 🙂 but I love the songs of this season. One of my favorites is “Oh Holy Night:”

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays -however you are celebrating the season and a Happy New Year filled with every blessing and many many breakthroughs in every areas of your lives where needed. Don’t allow the Grinches in your life to steal the joy of this season no matter what you may be going through...
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Aww! Thank you, Denise. It's a pleasure meeting you online. All thanks to Technology :)

Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your loss. They're always evergreen in our hearts. They can NEVER be replaced. Yes, I was about using "Earth's loss, Heaven's gain" before I remembered "for every loss you gained an angel you know". I felt the latter was more appropriate. I'll find time to see these movies you've mentioned: “Sleepless in Seattle” and “Jack & Sara".

The cards are lovely, thanks for the prayers. Amen to that. :)
Yeah, I think I've seen a couple of James Bond's movies and liked them too. I also saw Star Wars, I think it has an animated version "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". Celine Dion is an Icon, I love her songs. I'll add this song, “Oh Holy Night” to my favorite list. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

Oh no! The fireworks will drive the Grinches far away from us :)

May the spirit of Christmas warm your home with love, joy and peace. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.🎄🎀🎁💞
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Thank you Terry for your kind words and well wishes too. I like the use of the word “evergreen” in that context and the Heaven and Earth comparison. Looking forward to the fireworks, especially driving the grinches away! 😀 Enjoy your holidays, have a wonderful time!

I also wonder what kind of movies, cartoons, music, musicals others like, especially this season. Please feel free to share everyone. Thank you.
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You are most welcome, Denise. 😊 The grinches have no business with the Courserans. 😆 Have a memorable holiday!

Yeah, I would like to hear what the Courserans think about this topic too.
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Music is my companion… I breath music!

@Terry, I totally understand your love for music. When I'm feeling upset, music is what cheers me up and calms me down. Music can make me happy, sad, etc. My favourite music genre is classical. I just love the sound of instruments playing together. Even a lone piano is beautiful!
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Sorry, I didn't have time to finish my reply yesterday. I enjoy many different movies. I mentioned a couple in @Laura's thread about films we've learned things from. Some of my current favourite ones would be Moana, Pride and Prejudice (2005) & Amazing Grace. I used to love the Sound of Music and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe as a young child, but haven't seen them for a while now. I haven't been to the movies much, so it's more enjoyable and interesting when I do go. Sometimes, it's just easier to watch a movie at home instead, though. 😊
@Lillian , the Lion Witch and Wardrobe is a favorite of mine too. I have watched it with my kids and my grandkids. The books are fantastic too. Alsan was always one of my favorite characters!
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Thank you for your input @Lillian.
Music is Life! ☺️
Movies are for recreational purposes. 😄

Do enjoy your holidays.