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Local Coursera study groups?

  • 14 February 2019
  • 6 replies

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I was thinking if there were any of the above mentioned groups at all?

I live in Denmark and I think it would be nice to meet with fellow Coursera students and study.

It could be a great social thing while also helping each other locally with the Coursera courses.

Just a thought🙂


6 replies

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We don't have anything official but I think it would be a great idea! Learners have organized local meetups from time to time and I think people have really enjoyed them.

If you (or anyone else) would like to start one in your local area, let us know and we can see what we can do to help.

If you would be interested in attending a local meetup, please comment below with the city or cities you'd want to meet in.
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Hi @John Beltran. I've added a link to your post here: Find people who are in your location or speak your language
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Great to hear that some meetups have already happened:)

I am interested in meeting in the following cities here in Denmark: Randers, Skive, Aarhus and Viborg.

And thanks for the link:)

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Hello there :}

I'm Yusra .. and im not currently in Denmark but im planning to move there for couple of years some time in the near future, and since there is no coursera members from Palestine .. i was attracted to "study group in Denmark" title xD .. i hope that's ok
would you be interested in an online study activity?
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Hi Yusra and thanks for the reply:)

What kind of online study activity are you thinking about?
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Hey John :}

I'm thinking of 2 options:
1st and i guess is less practical: if all people who aim to take the same course put a schedule to take it, and put a schedule group video call to discuss it, and add up to it and suggest new courses
takes on this option: it needs large groups of people .. like an online society

2nd option which is more practical, and for me more educative: if we form a small group of people who take online courses, put schedule for each one's course, and make like a weekly or maybe every 3 days video call discussion on what each learned in there course .. like important highlights
it will be supportive i guess and very educative where you swap interesting knowledge in different subjects

idk .. what do you think? :S