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Live2Coursera app for Instructors

  • 22 July 2021
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Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. 

I am excited to share a new initiative by Coursera !

The Live2Coursera app for Zoom.

Instructors can use the free app to teach remotely with confidence, knowing that students can access recorded lectures anytime, anywhere.

Check out the details in the Coursera blog !

Get the app

for free:

Also have a look at the help centre article for more information :

Note :- 

Currently, Live2Coursera app recording capabilities are only available for Zoom customers with cloud recording access i.e. a Zoom Pro account.

Isn't it a fantastic news for educators and SMEs worldwide ? (of course with a Zoom pro access) 



4 replies

Thanks for sharing, @sahelibasu23

I saw this blog post yesterday. The question that comes to mind: while it's emphasized that the app is designed for instructors, teachers, or educators to help them upload their Zoom lectures, why did Coursera put a help article in the learners' Help Center about it? (Instructors or partners have their own Help Center.) How is it related to learners? :thinking:

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Hello @Maryam 

I too had this confusion at first but after going through the following paragraph of the article for a couple of times, I came to a conclusion that it is an initiative for everyone who loves to deliver knowledge and those who have access to the Coursera Course Shell i.e. the Organisations/Companies/Universities can also include the same in their curriculum. 

You don’t need a Coursera account to publish video lectures on Coursera, but you do need a Zoom Pro account to record meetings in Zoom and use the Live2Coursera Zoom app. In addition, all videos uploaded using the Live2Coursera Zoom app go through a moderation process to ensure that they don’t violate our Terms of Service.

P.S:- I am looking forward to know more about the initiative. 



I, too, look forward to learning more about it because it's still a bit unclear to me. Maybe learners also can record a Zoom meeting and upload it to a discussion forum? This is the only place that they can use to share something. Let's see if they provide more info in the coming weeks.

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Yes @Maryam .

Let's hope for the best.