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iPad app for taking notes while watching videos

  • 5 February 2019
  • 3 replies

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Hello there.

I developed an iPad app for taking time-stamped notes while watching videos. It has other useful features like exporting notes to PDF and tagging individual notes for filtering them later. I developed it, having MOOC students being the primary target audience in mind, so I think Coursera students might find it useful.
Although there's no direct integration with Coursera platform, there are ways to get videos from Coursera into the app.
My question is: is it ok to somehow let other community members know about my app? (e.g. by making an announcement topic in 'Study Tips' subforum).

3 replies

Hi @AmateurDev. Congratulations on developing the app! This sounds like a useful app.
You may want to review the Acceptable Use Policy section of the Terms page. I believe the provided information can help you determine whether or not your content would be acceptable. All the best.
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Hi @AmateurDev. Thanks for your post and well done developing your app! Also, thank you, @Maryam for including that link to the Acceptable Use Policy.

If your app is free, you may share a post in the community. Maybe you could explain in the post why you developed the app and what the experience was like for you – what challenges you encountered, what you learned in the process. Did you develop the app using skills you gained in a Coursera course? I'm sure there are community members here who would be interested in hearing about it!

Coursera also has a new notes-taking feature that allows learners to highlight and save excerpts from video lectures.
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@Maryam, @Laura,
thanks for the replies.

I've read through the terms and could not find any items that such an announcement post might violate.

First, I should say that the app itself is free, but there are some functional limitations that can be removed by making the in-app purchase.

I decided to develop it myself after not being able to find any existing apps that would suit my needs.
There are lots of tech videos for me as a developer to learn from, so I wanted to have a tool that will allow me not only to take time-stamped notes of moments of interest while watching videos, but also to be able to retrieve a specific subset of those notes later. So I decided to add the ability to tag individual notes, so that I could filter notes across all videos with appropriate tags.

I tried to make it useful and I hope other users will find it as such, and that's one of the reasons I'd like to let other community members know about the app.

As for how it's different from Coursera app – it has aforementioned tagging and exporting features.
It also allows creating a notebook for basically any video a user can download to a device or has a direct web link for.