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Hi, I’m Christine 

I sustained a concussion in 2017. It had a huge impact on my memory and behaviour. 

I am taking this course to help myself rewire and retrain my brain. 

I like that it’s science based. 

Im also learning the ukulele in an effort to reboot my creative side.



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Cordial greetings, esteemed Christine,


I understand what do you say, 4 years ago, in 2016, a close friend had a motorbike accident and he hit his head with the ground so hard, and lost completely the memory, when he wake up, spend 1 weeks in comma, he didn't even remember his mother, so she was to show the album photos and the situation was very delicated, because most of his friend didn’t believe it that he lost the memory, it’s strange that this thing happen and more because he has 24 years old at this moment, the firts weeks the mother didn’t let that any friend of him ome to his house because they think was a joke and he was so scared and afraid, like a child, the hit in his head was so hard, that he lose the notion of time, even his own body, he was amazed when he saw for the firts time in the mirror, because is like he would see for the firts time and he surprised how tall he is.

After 2 weeks, the mother call his closest friends, and i was there, she explain the situation, even when I arrive to his house, i was to introduce myself again, because i was the last friend who arrive, other 4 more was sitting beside him in a couch, just talking and saying remember when we do this, remember when we play that game, or when we see that movie, then when i come in and he see me for the firts time, he din’t recognize me, but he was very surprising that the other 4 friends greetings me with emotion, and he say me, my name is Brian, and i suppose that was the firts thing that come to his mind, because in his eyes, I realized that he didn't understand at all why they were greeting me, and i just shake his hand and i introduce also myself as Luis.. well, we spend nice time there, talking and showing to him almost anything, and he was like, this exist, oh this is wonderful, what is that, how did you do that, and so on.

In the nexts weeks i was spending time with him, talking it as a educator (because im pedagogue and i feel i have knowledge in the psychomotor skills) understanding that his event it occurs when a head injury causes the brain to move back and forth with great force. This causes chemical changes in the brain.

One of the thing that he always remember me when we talk, the words that I said to him from the first moment, about you can’t stay forever in your house imagining that your memories come back at night, can be possible, but you have to move on and make new memories, learn again and understand that life goes on and you must to know what do you want from here until the next coming years. (we spending many events and situations in the next weeks)

Then learning about the brain, I read about studies have shown that there is a relationship between exercise practice and a lower risk of neurodegenerative diseases, and that this habit improves certain complex cognitive functions, such as attention or short-term memory.

So i decide to invite him to the gym, we went almost every day, and although he did not recover his memory with this, the process of mental health, motivation and drink a lot of water (this is i think the most important, be Hydrated according to your body), the result was very possitive, i was say to him that look motivational videos about workout in youtube or any social media, and was the emotion of see another to say, don’t give up, never fall down, stay up, get up, that every day he send me a new link to motivating me too, in that moment i was very happy, because the one that was needing motivation, now is motivating me, so to don't extend a lot this reply. In the actual time, he is a Model love his body and the things that he does it without thinking about what happened to him or why happen this to him, he live positively the life, enjoy every moment, doing what he like because we all have the choice to know where to go and even despite he unknown so many things, its capable to reconize the others persons as admiration of their life experience, being kind, with humble and moving forward no matter what happen or what the others think to him, if the lost memory was a lie or not, and always with a smile in his face.

This is him right now.

Therefore, its nice to see you want to learning, there is a music forum and we are pleased to you participate here, we have wonderfuls Music Leaders, i suggest that you moving forward, is not about you don’t mind your lossing memory, it’s about that you have many more things to learn instead of the remember the past, be healthy, do excersice, drink water, spend time with friends, even if are with videocalls, if you want see the results and motivate yourself, take a photo 3 days in the same position after do excersice or work out, and i promises that in the end of this year, you would be more happy than ever, read, draw with music, enjoy the life, stay possitive and set new goals, in Coursera there is a lot of courses to you can do and for sure will contribute in your knowledge, i hope you keep moving forward and do your best.



Kind regards and happy coming days.


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Thank you for taking the time to write out this encouragement  experience.
I truly  appreciate it. 


I am Dr Bhupendra Kumar Rohit from India. I am working as an Assistant professor Community Medicine at Bundelkhand Medical College Sagar MP INDIA. My speciality is Community Medicine/Preventive & Social Medicine.

I love reading,singing, watching movies, traveling and gardening.

I love Epidemiology, Research methodology and biostatistics. I love teaching and learning while teaching. I teach and train Medical Graduates and Post Graduates in my speciality. I work on SPSS also. I have presented research article in many national conferences and I have original Research publications in both national and International Journals.

I am am glad to be a part of this community.

I would love to contribute and give my best in this forum.

Hoping for the best.




I am Rushikesh.

And I am very glad to be part of this Community.


My name is Moulid. I’m from Somalia. I’m learning English for career development and employment opportunities. I’m now taking Grammar and Panctuation course to improve my English writting skills. I’m looking for someone to parctice with my speaking.


Hello everyone,

I'm from CAR, Central African Republic. My name is Martinien Edgard and I'm 27 years hold. I'm humatarian, consultant in UNICEF of CAR.

Learn english is my challenge. And I hope that I will ne good in english whith you in this group. I count on your experiences to improve my english. 

Thank you for help ans you collaboration. Everywhere, Always, everybody, we are together. Don't forget that in my heart you are all my brother.


Hello Courserians!

I am James O

From Lagos Nigeria 



My name is Rim im Argentinian living in Lebanon, Beirut, i work as private teacher for spanish& (English languages  for kindergarten students) , and sometimes  I work as Accompanying Argentinian  visitors for translation. As i know Arabic language too. 

Its very important to me to improve more my English language, its the world language.i count with your experience to improve my skills in this group. 

Thank you very much for your attention and precious time and opportunity. 


Hello, my name´s Lorena, I live in Cali - Colombia. I´m glad to study with coursera, I like learning english, because I want to travel alone around the world.


Thank you 


Hello, I am Abebe from Ethiopia. I am new to ML and to this team expecting more from friends in my ML course.



Hello my name's Lyra from indonesia


Nice to meet you all


Hii Learner,

This side Giriraj Asar, an Engineer turned into a Digital Marketer. Now Content Creator and Podcast Host #TheGirirajasarPodcast .

Let’s connect on IG: @girirajasar