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Introducing myself

  • 26 June 2020
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Hello everyone, 

I am Gargi, a physics grad from India and currently pursuing a post grad degree in management. I have a variety of interests, starting from Physics to languages to data science and many more. Even though I am not great at all of these things, I wish to improve and to learn a lot, especially from this community.


3 replies

@Gargi Roy , it’s good to meet you. It’s so important to accept that you aren’t great at all things, but enjoy engaging in them.🙂

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@Judith Yes!

Good to meet you too. :)

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Hey gargi nice to meet you. I would love to connect. I have a keen interest in machine learning, data science and finance and have been taking some courses and applying it in real world applications as well. I guess we can study together and work on projects or something.