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Introduce myself to the Coursera Community

  • 21 March 2020
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Good evening from Greece! My name is Chrysoula Sardi and I am PhD candidate of Public Health at the University of West Attica, Athens. My research focuses on '' Communicating the Risks of Environmental Issues concerning Public Health at Points of Entry (Ports, Airports, Ground Crossings) ''. Currently I am Senior Researcher at the Epidemiology Laboratory of the Department of Public and Community Health in the field of Environmental Education & Communication. Since 2015 I have been an active member of  ‘’Skyros Project’’. This project’s  environmental awareness activities have been sealed by the United Nations ( you can join and follow us on social media!). Also I had contributed in scientific publications and presentations at international scientific conferences. I have served in organizing committees of Pan-Hellenic scientific conferences. I holds the administrative position of the first Academy of Environmental Educators for Greece since 2016  (the year it was founded) until today.

It’s my pleasure to join your community!

Thank you in advance! 

6 replies

Γειά σου,Χρυσούλα


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Dear Ms. Sardi,

I am sure we are ALL delighted to have you join us. I feel safer already! (Seriously!)



Hello everyone, first of all my English in not very good but I want to say how happy I’m  to belong this community, My name is Rosa Elena Mora, I lived in Caracas, Venezuela, I’m a Pediatric Endocrinologist actually in a mandatory break because the COVID 19, now I’m making two courses: Learning to learn and the Science of well-being, well, when the network (internet) works with me. I’m interested in the learning in general but first of all I’m trying to explore how to be a better person. 

Thank you for the opportunity. 


Hello I am Rani. I am from Indonesia

I interested in personal development because I want to be a better person

I am taking Sustainable Development Course

I interested in Development , Entertainment,Public Relation,Food,Science,Social

I can help someone with my time and my skill


Thank you for opportunity,I try my best


Hello, everyone, I am Abdelrazek from Alexandria, Egypt, have a BSc in Agricultural Sciences 2001,
working as Accountants and Pharmacy Claims internal auditor. I am glad to be part of this community.
Looking for my first job as Data analyst, I am a newbie data analyst, looking for an opportunity to join an operational team in data since.

Completion of Data Analysis Professional  by Egypt FWD & Udacity 2020
Completion of IBM Data Science by IBM on Coursera Professional Certificate 2020 where we learn Data Science and its Methodology,
we used Open Source tools for Data Science Including Python skills,
and apply them and SQL to query databases for Analysis,
Visualization Data finally Applied our knowledge throw course to finish Data Science Capstone
I became interested in data analyst many years ago and,
I decided to develop in this field, graduated from Udacity data foundations nanodegree 2018.
also, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate MCSA: Windows 10 in 2018.
And I've completed the MTM challenge in 2019 challenge myself in the new Era
And for now, I join the Open Mainframe Project study New to Z

Feel free to contact me