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Illustrated Expression Contest

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Cordial Greetings to Everyone,

After having something of absence, when entering the community again it has motivated me to observe new post of introduction, comments of interaction and a very circulated subject on art and photography, which i will like to make a contest wanting to obtain the participation of all the members whose biggest reward will be a " Big thank you 😄 ".

I call it an illustrated expression contest, citing the artist Rocio Aguirre who says "The illustration is a method of expression so that others understand what is in your head".

The contest aims to attach three images taken by you and describe what is in your head when you observe them, is wanting to share your emotions, your visual perspective and what feeling transmits you to see those photos.

For purposes of understanding and wanting to participate too, I attach my photos.

My first photo i call it A ANGEL'S SMILE

It is a picture of my goddaughter, seeing it fills me with love, tenderness and innocence, her look gives me joy, it's a blessing and her gestures allow me to say that the new generation will be more connected than any other in the past, then it's to share that moment with you and if we imagine that she wants to take a picture to bear a part in the memories, we also can do.

The second photo i call it TWO GENERATIONS

I took it while walking through the park and it is very striking because, as Stanley Kubrick says, chess teaches that you have to stay calm and think if the game you are doing is really a good move, it's the union of art and intelligence.

The third one called it A SEA OF ​​ADVENTURES

The ocean is so big that it goes beyond what we can see when we are on the shore, contemplating its dimension makes us realize how small we are in a world so big that we can not explore everything, that's why admiring it, appreciating it and to know him awakens in my tranquility, peace, harmony and praise of sharing my knowledge, experiences and tours that are like a drop of water beside him.
If the sea is so huge, what it can be said about the sky, next to the stars and all its remote places, it's a mystery that astonishes and makes me think of how wonderful it is to be here.

Thank you very much, my best affections and i would like to know your illustrations.

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Hi @Luis Gerardo Ayala B. This is such a great idea! Your photos and descriptions are really beautiful. I want to contribute but need to think about which photos to use ...

In the meantime, I want to tag some people here who I think might like to participate, too. @swaraj @Ts. Evaggelos @MagnusFlorin @EnterTheVoid @Juam Berom @augokissas @Monica Bumbes
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Congrats LGAB. It is right!! Share knowledge is we need and there is a lot of meaning in it.

I am going to 'contest' for my big thanks!!
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Hi, this is my image. It is me. I made it as experimental selfportrait. I tried to convey some angst in that moment. I think could be an emotic.

There is such a park next home. The people used to go on weekend, but everyday in the mid-morning the elder people take the yard for their calm ponderings...

Just... sometimes the ponder get by some friends couples chatting and -maybe- one of them talk to himself "..let me think about a lot... I am getting lit my fag..'
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Thanks @Namrata Tejwani for your like..!
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@Juam Berom all 6 pics, shared by you and @Luis Gerardo Ayala B. are amazing. I am still looking at my collection to select a few to share.
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@Namrata Tejwani, hi. Of course! Find at your own pace... but, don't let us alone... ☺
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@Juam Berom cheers, in my think, they are amazing photos, I feel that they have a very deep background.

I consider that age is proportional to wisdom.
It is very nice and interesting the scenographic model, they are very well received and welcome, for me i highlight the third photo

Impressive, the context and the way in which the image is taken demonstrates the art and good friends that you has.

My greetings from a distance,

Big Thank You 🙂 Kindly,

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@Luis Gerardo Ayala B. Thanks ! Your two pics are a beautiful insight for friendship, I think..!! Thanks for share that feel with us. !! The whole world needs that expressions...
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Esteemed @Juam Berom,

My gratitude to his words, the use of his words expresses it in a great way, that i did not know how to respond until now,

If we consider your age as an element of change in terms of technological advances, I think that in that sense I would be writing this letter to send it by correspondence and you receive it in the mailbox of your house.

The expressions in my opinion would be the way in which you make known, preserve your identity and knowing that there are differences in all the senses, therefore it is to be you, by your customs, your knowledge, your habits, in itself, your way to take your life for a continuous development.

That is why you are to admire, since you have observed the change in the course of your life and have both accepted it, and learned to use to be right now writing to a boy of 26 years old who is learning to recognize the advantages that new technologies and virtual studies offering as tools to contribute in a constructive way, in my case, i realize projects through studies in the sector identifying new opportunities, thus i have realized that this way i am according to the time and the actuality of the progress in the world.

My sincere words and i hope that this letter arrives without setbacks.

In the same way, inviting the community to participate, i think it's a nice dynamic as a method of cultural integration.


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@Luis Gerardo Ayala B. Thanks for your beautiful words. I share deep insights behind your words.

We are in the path to improve the whole world.

Again thanks!